Still Falling

When we bought our house we got lucky that we already knew most of the neighbors and they were awesome. With the upswing of the market and the usual couple of job relocations, we’ve had some new families move in over the last year. 1

The other day my boys and I were out in the front yard when two boys rode up and asked if they could help us rake the leaves in our yard. They came back a few minutes later with rakes and trash bags and got to work. A few minutes later the neighborhood girls who are a little younger ran over offering to help too and came back a few minute later with rakes and started raking as close to the boys as middle school awkwardness allows.Finalco_7Finalco_3

Those kids cleaned up our whole yard, let my boys follow them around like baby chicks, and made them a big leaf pile to jump in. I’m always so grateful when my boys have fun older kids to set good examples for them and who are kind hearted and let them feel like they are one of the big kids.Finalco_17Finalco_19Finalco_8Finalco_16

The Best Time to Be a Kid

Thank you to Gymboree for sponsoring this post, we love their clothes and were grateful to get to work with them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Holiday Boy Clothes (2)

Like I said in my last post, holidays are SO much fun for kids, and being a parents means I get to live some of that vicariously through my boys. Making cookies, shopping for presents, seeing Christmas lights, we have so many fun holiday traditions, and we got a jump start on them when my Mom wanted to decorate her house early for Christmas. She has company coming into town for Thanksgiving and wants her house decorated when they come. I loved decorating our house as a kid and was happy to return home with my boys in tow to help add glittering lights and splashes of red and green.Holiday Boy Clothes (3)

My boys are always so excited when it’s time to decorate for a holiday. They love helping me get out the decorations and going through them one by one, smiling at the sparkly stars and happy snowmen. Gymboree sent us some awesome clothes to outfit the boys while they played outside and decorated the house. Gymboree opened a store near us just a few years ago but they have been making kid clothes for 30 years now. With three boys, I always look for cool clothing styles that are made well enough to be handed down from Sawyer to Rhett and to Ford and still be saved for possible future boys. Gymboree makes cute outfits that are high quality, which means they can run through the yard looking at the Christmas lights over and over, and still look cute in pictures. I love that their play clothes can be picture clothes too, which makes it perfect for all the holiday celebrations, because I love capturing photos of the magic of holidays as kid and I’m always hoping to get some of these cute brothers.DSC_4033Holiday Boy Clothes (15)Holiday Boy Clothes (14)Holiday Boy Clothes (13)
How cute is Rhett is that beanie? It was really easy to find clothes I loved in Gymboree’s holiday clothing. These matching boots Sawyer and Ford have on look tough and cool, and they were so cute chasing each other around pretending that the Christmas Garland beads were snakes.Gymboree Holiday Clothes  (33)Holiday Boy Clothes (1)Holiday Boy Clothes (22)

Sawyer has always been fascinated with holiday decorations and begs to drive around to look at them every Holiday season. He was so excited for Grandma’s house to be decorated already, and even more excited to help. Check out that awesome Pendleton sweater he has on, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it!Gymboree Holiday Clothes  (19)Holiday Boy Clothes (10)Gymboree Holiday Clothes  (30)Holiday Boy Clothes (19)

As exciting as the decorations are, I think what they are most excited about is that the guest coming is my Sister and her family, which means they get to see their cousins. As exciting as holiday treats, parties, lights, presents and all are,  my kids forget about all of that when they see their cousins and all they want to do is play and visit with them. Getting to spend the holidays doing all those fun things with their cousins is the best, and we’re so grateful to Gymboree for making great kid clothes that are comfy and fun so they can enjoy the holidays and play until they can’t play anymore! Good think Gymboree has cute pj’s too so they can change into those and we can watch Christmas movies and snuggle on the couch!

If you love the boys outfits as much as I do and you want to see everything they have, head to Gyboree’s website for so many cute and stylish holiday outfits!


4 years ago we took Sawyer trick or treating for the first time and it was so much fun. When you have kids, you get to do all the same fun holiday things except it’s even more fun watching your kids do it. That year he was a little cowboy, this year he wanted much more scary characters, either way, watching our boys run house to house just like I did as a kid was so much fun.

Good Morning Loretta Halloween (2)

About a month before Halloween, I asked the boys what they wanted to be, and immediately Rhett said a shark. I asked again a few days later, and a few days after that, and his answer was always the same. I was not about to try and make a shark costume myself, so we went online and I like him choose which ever one he wanted (out of the affordable ones). I’m so glad he chose this one because I was laughing so hard all night at the sight of a little great white shuffling across yards and taking the occasional face plant (which he handled like a champ).

Good Morning Loretta Halloween (3)Good Morning Loretta Halloween (4)

Brandon dressed up as David Pumpkins (I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture) so Ford was one of his skeletons, he’s just missing the awesome wig.

toddler boy shark costumetoddler boy mummy costume

When I asked Sawyer what he wanted to be, I was given a long list of costumes he wanted to be, all of which were obscure, hard to create things. I went all out for his Battlebot costume last year, but this years were much more complicated. I went to the thrift store and sorted through tons of costumes looking for something I could maybe adapt to be one of the things he wanted to be, and found this mummy costume. He had never mentioned being a mummy but it was his size and it’s extremely well made, so I bought it in hopes I could convince him that it was the coolest costume ever. A few kid youtube mummy videos later, and he was sold! $4 thrift store costume + some gauze from the first aid kit and we had a mummy!

Good Morning Loretta Halloween (8)Good Morning Loretta Halloween (9)

Rhett really was so darn cute in that shark costume. He might have to be it next year too, and the next year, and for ever and ever.
Good Morning Loretta Halloween (1)

The boys ended up with way more candy than they could handle and we all were worn out and happy and got a few good scares from a local families haunted house. It was a great Halloween!

The Ranch

These pictures do no justice to what is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. A place so remote that even when you know where you’re going you can easily get lost, and even when you are on the nearest road, you can’t see the house from the road.

Koosharem Utah (60)Koosharem Utah (195)

They lease the pastures out for cattle, horses, and even LlamasKoosharem Utah (49) copy

When you are out there, there is literally nothing on the horizon other than mountains and grass, and that’s saying something. Here in the South, we have so many huge trees that we don’t really have horizons but out there you can see forever. This area is really unique because it has so much water underground, which is why they call it grass valley. The first thing we did when we got there is went out to the place they’ve added a pipe into the water table so there is always the freshest, best water running.

Koosharem Utah (12)Koosharem Utah (13)

The boys loved getting to run free and play with cousins. Much to Ford’s happiness, one cousin brought their new puppy and the two became friends.
Koosharem Utah (22)Koosharem Utah (64)Koosharem Utah (95)Koosharem Utah (99)Koosharem Utah (133)Koosharem Utah (180)Koosharem Utah (161)Koosharem Utah (184)Koosharem Utah (190)Koosharem Utah (193)Koosharem Utah (87)

Never in my life have I dreamed of living outside the South, but if I had to, I’d be headed to the Ranch.
Koosharem Utah (21)


Late in the summer, we took a long trip out to Utah to visit my husband’s extended family and have some quick visits with my brothers who we had seen a few weeks prior. It was fun getting to see every one we hadn’t seen in so long, and to take our kids to some of the places that my husband remembers visiting as a kid. We spent a few days up towards Salt Lake, but most of our time in St George and out on his family’s ranch which was amazing, but I’m going to share those pictures for their own post because there are so many. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our days leading up to the ranch.

In college I almost majored in Geology. I loved studying rock formation and how they came to look like they do now. I can’t get enough of it, and I think everyone had to sit through more than enough of my excited rambling over rock layers as we drove around the state of Utah (it’s just so fascinating! So many visible rock formations and changes!!!)

This is one of two equally awesome smiles Ford will do when you say “cheese.” I really hope he still smiles like this when he gets to Kindergarten.

My husband’s uncle has just about the coolest pool we’ve ever been in. It was the boys favorite part of St. George!


Just a quick quad ride away from his house are more rock formations as far as the eye can see-


We also got to spend time with my husband’s grandparents, who are so cool. I love getting to listen to them and their stories and just visit with them.
We’re really good at group photos if you can’t tell :). Look out for the pictures from their ranch soon!