Lake Weekend

In the summer, we do our best to spend every open weekend we have at the lake. My parents have been boating on Lake Wedowee since I was about three or four. It’s like a second home for me. My brother Kyle and his family were in town for the week so we spent four beautiful days at the Lake.  There’s nothing better than relaxing in a muddy, southern lake in the summertime.DSC_5123DSC_5082coDSC_5319coDSC_5145coDSC_5157coDSC_5183coDSC_5263coDSC_5103

This picture of two of my nephews is one of my favorites. After I took it, the one on the right said, “when my Mom sees this picture, I know she’ll get me a dog because I look so good hugging one.” ha. That dog is our adopted lake dog. He shows up when we come out and hangs around until we go home. (don’t worry, he has a home just down the road from us where he is well fed and taken care of).

We also went to the Alabama Gold Camp. Look out for my post on how rich we got there later this week!

You’re My Favorite Soldier- Army Cards

Little Sloth CardsWriting in a Field (2)Army Husband CardGood Morning Loretta (1)Good Morning Loretta (3)

This summer, Brandon has been gone in and out of town with college classes in Istanbul and Budapest, and Army trainings all over the country. Staying in touch halfway around the world is hard enough and for his Army trainings, we are only allowed to communicate by snail mail. I can’t really complain about having an excuse to write letters to him all the time though, I love mail. The paper, the stamps, the envelopes, the smeared ink. It’s a lost art. Opening my mailbox and seeing a handwritten letter is like getting a present, I just love it.

On afternoons when it’s not too buggy or hot Sawyer and I lay out a blanket and he plays while I relax and write. A lot of times we just relax in the backyard, but this time before Brandon got home, we went to a field near our house where we saw the tiniest baby deer the other day. I was hoping we’d see it again and get a picture, but no luck. That little baby was precious.

Sawyer loves to play in the grass and watch the trees move while I catch up on my letters to Brandon. I got this card from Little Sloth Cards and absolutely love it. It’s hard to find military cards, especially ones I love, and I love this one. The little camo heart is my favorite part. Check out their shop, so many cute cards.Writing in a Field (3)

Do you still write letters? Where do you find your stationary? I’m all about the pretty paper. xoxo

Casual Southern Style

White Eyelet Dress (3)

I wish cameras made you look half your size when they were in focus too haha. Apparently this is what happens when you accidentally drop your camera onto pavement. Ouch. Junk. Stomach Ache. Dat gum it. All are thoughts that have gone through my head this week. Ever since I dropped it, about half of the photos come out blurry (don’t worry if you are one of my photo clients, I’ve got a back up for upcoming shoots). Luckily, it does still work half the time, so I just have to shoot away and hope for the best!

This was the outfit I wore to my nephews Kindergarten graduation. It was so cute, and I had the silly songs in my head all weekend. “100 days of school, 100, 100 days of school…” So cute. Then I took two of my nieces and we headed out to the lake. Hope you’re Memorial Day weekend was as hot as ours. I left white as a ghost and came back as burnt as toast.


I’m loving nautical items this summer. This necklace is the perfect piece for me. It’s got a vintage-y, gold color chain and a mint and white anchor. I’ve been wearing it everywhere!White Eyelet Dress (4)Mint NecklaceAnchor Necklace

Dress: Ross
Belt: Target
Necklace: gift
Flip-Flops: American Eagle

Memorial Day Weekend

Rocking Chair

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are lake bound for four beautiful days!  Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays, we always spend it at the lake with lots of food, family, and water. This year it’s the first weekend that’s warm enough to go out on the lake, so the first day of summer in my book! Happy Summer!

Tube on the Lake


Dear Baby Sawyer,

You are not such a baby anymore. I watched you playing with your cousins today, and saw a glimpse of you as a kid. You were climbing on the playground, exploring all the low tunnels, and chasing the other kids. At one point, you looked up at me from across the room and just smiled. It was one of those brief moments where I see you growing up, where you just seemed so smart, so aware of everything going on around you. Later your little feet ran too fast for you to keep up, and you fell, and I was there to kiss all the hurt away. Being your mom has meant so much more to me than I ever could have imagined; I’m so glad that you were sent to our little family. Thank you for being silly, and fun, and just as energetic as a little boy should be.

Love, Your Mom


P.S.- Please stop trying to eat the cat food. I will catch you every time.