Comfortable Southern Style

Today’s outfit is one of those outfits that I would wear every single day if I thought no one would notice. In fact, I may or may not have worn it multiple times this week… doesn’t matter as long as you see different people on those days, right?

These jeggings (I never thought I’d own a pair, but had to have these) are the best. Honestly, I feel like I’m just wearing pajamas all day, and yet they are so cute that everyone else thinks I got dressed and am wearing real pants. If they came in thirty colors, I’d own them all. I got the top this week after seeing it online, I had to have it. It is just so me. Detailed, flowy, cream-colored. If you looked in my closet, you’d most of my clothing fits at least two of those words.  I just love love love the detail on the sleeves. I also love how I can wear a really simple shirt with these pants because the patterns make enough statement for the whole outfit. Perfect outfit for any event, any day.

I wore this when I ran up to Atlanta today. Luckily I made it in one of the few windows in the rain, it has been non-stop here! Our city cancelled the parade and the fireworks for Fourth of July, it was a bummer! We tried to make the best of it though, and did lots of four-wheeling in the mud, and swimming in the rain, plus we got a letter from Brandon, so that made our Fourth of July! Hope yours was the best!

Winsome JonesAztec LegginsCute Style (1)Cute Style (2)

Aztec Jeggings: Winsome Jones
Top: Lizard Thicket
Undershirt: Downeast
Earrings: Charlotte Rousse
Sandals: Rack Room Shoes

Five Minute T-shirt D.I.Y.

I love v-neck t-shirts. I’d be a little embarrassed if you knew how many I have. I keep seeing those cute printed t-shirts everywhere and decided to make some of my v-necks look like those! Hope you like it! I got my t-shirts at Target for five bucks (here is the link to them), (same shirt, different colors and textures), and the paint was a few dollars too, so this entire project cost me less than $10 and I ended up with some really cute shirts!

A few tips before you start- Make sure you put cardboard in the shirt while you are painting so it doesn’t bleed through, and if you want a more vintage look, you can wash the shirt a few times and the paint will fade a little. You can even go over the paint with a fine-grain sandpaper to rough it up a little. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram and share your shirts you make!


There are so many other cute designs you could do, and I’d love to see yours! Tag me at @goodmorningloretta on instagram or facebook, or comment below with a link to your shirt! I’d love to see them!

Kayaking Down the Peace River

Last week while we were in Florida, my Aunt and Uncle took us fossil hunting in the Peace River. There is so much more to Florida than Disney World yall, and we got an insider experience. Who knew there were dinosaur fossils in Florida? Fossil hunting was something I had never done and I figured most people wouldn’t be familiar with it, or even know that you could find dinosaur bones in South Florida, so I put together a little how-to from my perspective of our day. 


Step One- Get your gear. We took a kayak that my uncle rigged a trolling motor to (don’t forget we are in the South, and it ain’t a full day if something hasn’t been rigged). We also took along screens, shovels, fried chicken, and one curious little boy.


Next-Check the water. Stay extremely shallow and constantly be checking your surroundings because you aren’t from gator country and are paranoid that you will be eaten by an alligator. Periodically continue checking for gators even though your Aunt and husband have told you thirty times that you won’t be eaten by one. Watch as your fearless son has the time of his life on the beach.DSC_9911

Hop in the kayak and head up river, escorted by the most handsome guide you’ve ever seen. Stop at sandbars, and dig up rocky dirt and sift it looking for fossils. When you’re unsuccessful for quite a while, eat the fried chicken and biscuits while handsome paddler takes you farther up river to look for a better spot. Relax, and mentally take a thousand pictures of the beautiful scenery because you are afraid to get your camera wet. (Most of this river has never been touched by humans and is as about as beautiful as it can get).

Ruffle Swim Suit
(This was taken as the rain was just beginning)

Next, look up at the sky and pay attention if you see looming dark clouds (You’re future self would have been grateful had you not gotten stuck in torrential down pour, but you do end up having fun kayaking through the rain and hiding in the car eating cookies).DSC_9919

Once the afternoon shower is over, get back in river, and wa-la! Your one-year old walks up from the beach holding the first fossil find- a dinosaur rib!DSC_9614

Now that you know it is very possible, you start really trying. It sounds simple- feel for rocks, dig where rocks are, sift the sand out, and then go through the rocks. If you’re lucky like me, you won’t have to look too hard because you’ll prick yourself on the shark teeth, but a lot of times it’s tricky finding or recognizing the smaller fossils! Swim and play for a little when your son gets tired of you getting excited over rocks, and then keep looking!DSC_9689DSC_9976

We had SUCH a good time going out on the river with my Aunt and Uncle. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences that I want to do every time we go visit. It was so fun hunting for fossils and riding on the kayak, and the river was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. If you ever get to go to South Florida, head to the Peace River and see what you can find! We ended up with three pieces of Dugong rib bones (an ancient relative of the manatee), ten various fossils (a.k.a. we weren’t really sure what they were), nine fossilized shark teeth, and one fossilized piece of coral. Not bad for newbies!


More Pictures from our Florida Vacation

Visiting my Aunt and Uncle was like a whirlwind of fun. They had so many fun things planned for us, I thought I’d sum up the rest of our fun trip in pictures!DSC_0711
The Banyan trees at the Edison and Ford Winter Estate in Fort Meyers. These trees have a trunk and the rest grown from the top down. So neat.



I’m going to do a whole post by itself about our kayaking adventures, but we just had the best time down in Florida!

In other news, I had to take my beloved little camera and drop it off in the arms of a stranger for a whole week so that she could be repaired! The moral of the story is make sure you zip your camera bag all the way shut every. single. time!

Downtown Fort Meyers

We have spent the last few days in beautiful, sunny, Florida. It has been a dream visiting family and doing all kinds of fun things with my Aunt and Uncle. This evening we visited Downtown Fort Meyers, an up-and-coming area with cute little shops and restaurants and a great little walk by the bay where we watched the sun set. Sawyer had such a good time running around and looking at the bay, and then splashing in the fountain. We had such a good time relaxing and just enjoying the breeze off the water.

DSC_0828DSC_1471Fort Meyers Downtown (4)Fort Meyers Downtown (2)Fort Meyers Downtown (5)Fort Meyers Downtown (6)Fort Meyers Downtown (7)Fort Meyers Downtown (14)Fort Meyers Downtown (15)Fort Meyers Downtown (10)Fort Meyers Downtown (11)Fort Meyers Downtown (12)

My Outfit:
Top: Old Navy
Pants: TJ Maxx

Sawyer’s Outfit:
Onesie: Carters
Leggings: c/o Little Bow and Arrow (love these- check out their site!)