Brand New May

We have been all over the place this month and it’s only the fourth! We’ve had my aunt and grandmother in town visiting, and drove to Birmingham to visit my sister and her family. I have had rehearsals and classes for a dance show I’m performing in and June, and I taught the girls at church a dance for their girls camp performance. I didn’t think anyone wanted to see pictures of me in sweats, but I finally dressed up to go to my sisters the other day.

Sawyer has begun taking more and more steps and doesn’t crawl as much anymore, I am loving watching him try and fall down and get up and try again. He turns one in less than two weeks! Can you believe it? We’re having his first birthday party next weekend, I’m so excited to celebrate that and Brandon’s college graduation!

Good Morning Loretta (2)Good Morning Loretta (3)Good Morning Loretta (9)Good Morning Loretta (1)Good Morning Loretta (7)Good Morning Loretta (8)

I love that little guy so much!

Tunic: Billabong
Leggings: Forever 21
Earrings: Target
Shoes: Belles

Casual Dressy Everyday Outfit

Last Saturday, I had to speak at an event for the youth at the church we attend. It was one of those Saturday afternoon activities where it could be casual, but might be Sunday dress, but you’re not sure and you don’t want to over dress so you have to find that outfit that is dressy but is also casual enough that no one will notice you overdressed. No one wants to be that person that’s underdressed, or the one who is over  dressed, but just in case it is dressy, I always play it safe and err on the side of dressy. Does that make sense? haha I tend to wear skirts and dresses everyday anyways and it’s more embarrassing to be under-dressed than it is to be overdressed.

So this was the outfit I came up with. It’s dressy enough to speak at church to a youth group, but casual enough to be an everyday outfit. Adding a denim jacket and boots definitely dresses it down. If you wanted to make it less causal, swap out the boots for heels, and the jacket for a nice cardigan.

Southern Style (5)Southern Style (7)colorSouthern Style (3)Southern Style (4)Southern Style (2)Southern Style (1)

Skirt: Ebay
Tank Top: Old Navy
Denim Jacket: old
Boots: Target
Earrings: Target
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Cord Bracelet with Gold Beads: Charlotte Russe
Metal Cuff: JC Penney’s
Leather Bracelet: Michaels
Gold Metal Bangles: JC Penney’s
Cord Bracelets with Charms: old
Spoon Ring: Gift from my Grandmother

And, in case you’re curious, it did end up being casual, but I think my outfit was great for being the speaker. Not too casual, and not too dressy either!

How I Got Kicked Out of Two Stores in Ten Minutes

Last week on a regular shopping trip to Target, I managed to get myself and Sawyer kicked out of two stores in ten minutes. Impressive, huh?Kicked Out of Payless

It started when Sawyer and I went outside to play barefoot in the yard and then I remembered I needed to run to Target before Brandon got home, so I grabbed my purse and headed to the truck. I grabbed a pair of flip flops and put them on top of the cab of the truck while I buckled Sawyer in his car seat. When I got to Target, I reached in the backseat to grab the flip flops, and of course, they weren’t there. I opened my door in the off chance that maybe somehow they had stayed on top of my truck during the twenty minute drive, but of course, they were gone, and not in the bed either.

Now, forgetting to wear shoes isn’t a strange occurrence for me. In fact, I usually keep a stash of extra shoes in my backseat for such an occurrence. (Anybody else do that?) So, I reach behind the passenger seat, nothing. I look all over the back seat, nothing but baby stuff. I checked under the seats, in the bed, everywhere. No shoes, apparently I’ve overused my stash, so what do I do? Drive another forty minutes round-trip to my house and back with a baby who hates the car? Nope. I figured I could run into Target, grab one of those cheap pairs of flip flops from right at the front the store, put them on, rip off the tag, and pay for them when I checked out. I had on long pants anyways, so I was hoping no one would even notice.

As soon as my feet hit the concrete I felt gross. I love wearing no shoes in the yard, around our house, at the lake, etc., but feet and pavement do not mix. It’s just not natural. As I was walking into Target, I felt like I was walking on thousands of stranger’s gum, spit, etc. , but I just kept walking like I wasn’t doing anything wrong, all while second guessing my idea a thousand million times. I didn’t even make it ten feet into the store before an employee stopped me, just doing her job, and told me I couldn’t shop with no shoes. I told her my plight, put on my best pity face, but no luck. I explained, it’d be less distance for me to walk to that flip flop display in the dollar section than it would be to walk to the exit, but still no luck, so I left. Totally embarrassed.

I was still pretty determined to get my shopping done, and there are two shoes stores next door to Target, so I took the walk of shame, figuring it’s a shoe store, they’ll understand, and they won’t kick me out. I mean, who could say no to a barefoot mom and her cute baby? It’s not like I wasn’t going to pay for them. I got my store together real quick, this time planning to use the humor of the situation to my advantage, but before I could even tell my story, a not-so-nice employee told me  in some not-so-nice words that they couldn’t help me there. I didn’t even bother explaining why I had no shoes on, I figured they didn’t need my business. Kicked out again.

Then I went into Payless Shoes. This time I was smart. I took my time walking up to the store, watching the employees, and scouting out the aisle I needed before I even went in. I waited till no one was at the front on the store and snuck in. I had on a pair of shoes before an employee even responded to the ding of the door opening. Nailed it. Of course he asked where my shoes were, and told me he really shouldn’t let me shop, but since I already had the shoes on, he was nice enough to check me out. I made enough awkward jokes to make the situation sufficiently uncomfortable, paid, and was back on my way to Target, where the lady who made me leave the first time let me know she was glad I could get some shoes somewhere in a fun, joking way. I’m sure she would have let me come in the first time if she could.

What was funny to me is that, I didn’t think anyone would even notice my bare feet at first, I mean, do you really notice people’s feet that quickly? Or is it just that obvious when someone isn’t wearing shoes? Or are store employees taught to check for that? I don’t know, but now I’ve got like ten pairs of flip flops in my backseat for the next time I forget shoes, including the pair I bought in Payless that day. Since I was going for the first pair of sandals I could throw on, they aren’t exactly cute (Imagine, gardening sandals meet your grandmother’s slippers), but they got me into Target, and I bought the cute pair of flats pictured above while I was in Target, because I needed them too ;). (I’m wearing them here).

So the question is- does anybody else feel my pain? Do you forget to wear shoes places? Ever been kicked out of somewhere for it? Ever been kicked out of a store for anything? I’d love to hear your stories!

Senoia, Georgia

The other day we spent the afternoon in downtown Senoia,  A.K.A. Woodbury. Yup, for those Walking Dead fans, it is also the set for the Walking Dead. So nine out of twelve months of the year, it is a sweet little old town that isn’t too busy, and the other three they don’t mow the grass, and it is over-run with Zombies and film crews. I always get a kick out of all the people taking pictures with the famous scenery, and then find myself doing it too. I’m just now discovering all of the little cute shops down there and all there is to see. If you ever visit Senoia, shop at Ms. Wendy’s Antiques, it’s the cutest little antique store with the best finds and the sweetest people running it, eat at Redneck Gourmet,  my favorite fried chicken joint in Coweta county, and sightsee at all of the Walking Dead scenes and backdrops!


This was the only photo I took of my outfit. I didn’t really how awkward it was until I got home- sorry! It is staying here solely for informational purposes. ha.

What We Wore:

Blouse: Old Navy
Shorts: Old Navy
Undershirt: Shade
Shoes: Bealls

Polo: hand me down from his cousin
Shorts: Carters

Home Sweet Highway

We have been outside so much lately enjoying the beautiful weather. We were camper people for the weekend, which is one of my biggest dreams. I have always wanted to tour America in an RV, staying at KOA’s and little parks all over the county. I want to see the biggest ball of yarn and stop at places like Patty’s 1880 Settlement just for the fun of it. I love campy roadside attractions and overpriced souvenirs. I love riding down endless highways blaring Tammy Wynette and watching shooting stars in the sky at 4 a.m. somewhere in the middle of Colorado. This weekend was just a taste of that, and I hope we get to do it more often because I am hooked. Home Sweet Highway.

DSC_0960 - Copy

We also went last week to this awesome rescue park for animals that isn’t too far from home. They have tigers, a lion, bears, wolves, monkeys, birds, buffalo, and tons more. It’s a really neat place, that stays open solely on donations, and most of the workers are volunteers. We try to support places like this as often as possible, and next time we come, we want to try and bring some of the things off of their wish list for the animals.DSC_0606DSC_0621DSC_0651DSC_0689DSC_0702

We’ve also been to the park a million times, on lots of golf cart rides, and played in the back yard lots. I love to lay a blanket in the back yard while Sawyer explores the grass around me. Right now I’m sitting by an open window while the crickets play outside- I love spring.