Our Week

We moved last weekend, so our week has been mostly filled with emptying boxes, putting things away, and playing lots. Sawyer has finally started putting food in his mouth, which is so nice to be able to give him some graham crackers and he’ll entertain himself eating some and throwing some on the ground, of course.

WalksGeorgiaDSC_9601coDSC_9618coDSC_9635 - CopyDSC_9762

1. Walks with Dad
2. Spring sprung (and then it got cold again)
3 & 4. Sitting on the steps of the porch
5. Writing letters. I’m a big fan of keeping up with snail mail.
6. Replacing my own laptops screen. I feel like a pro!

Growing Up

Sawyer took his first steps yesterday, and then got in the truck and drove away. Just kidding- he’s helping his Dad drive, I love seeing him grow up and can’t wait for every other ‘first’ he has yet to experience. We have two more months until his first birthday and I’m already planning all of the silly things I want to do/get that he won’t notice and won’t remember, but first birthday parties are really for the parents, right?

Truck 2TruckTruck 3DSC_8140coDSC_8134co

The weather here has been amazing lately. Windows down, short sleeves, no shoes kind of weather. The pear trees lining our street have bloomed and the azaleas are starting to bud, the birds are back and building nest in every tree. March/April might just be my favorite time of year, it is beautiful!

The Snow Storm of 2013

I went downstairs today to make a bottle for Sawyer, and out of the corner of my eye noticed that something looked strange on the back porch.

DSC_6969Georgia Snow (5)

It snowed! I think a total of .0001 inches- nonetheless, we were excited! I went and got Sawyer and let him experience a little bit of snow for the first time- he wasn’t so sure about it, but let me take some cute pictures anyways.

Georgia Snow (2)Georgia Snow (4)Georgia Snow (7)

On Monday, we had a little hospital scare and had to take him to the E.R. and then he got an ambulance ride up to the children’s hospital in Atlanta. He had severe Bronchiolitis and was having trouble breathing. The doctors at Scottish Rite were amazing and got him back up to breathing and feeling better. He’s back home happy to be away from all of the poking and prodding and treatments he had done. He has been so good through the whole thing and is finally getting back to his normal self- which is lots and lots of playing.DSC_7030DSC_7048

Summer in Winter

Mom win: hanging a swing in our playroom. It has been nothing but rain for about a week now, and really cold! Okay, okay, really cold to me is the high 50’s, but even in the low 60’s, I’m cuddled up under a blanket. Definitely a girl from the Deep South. Santa gave Sawyer a swing for Christmas and I had the brilliant idea of hanging it inside so we could swing him anytime of day and no matter what the weather was like. He loves it. He crawls underneath it and reaches up for it and fusses until I swing him for a little bit. In the spring it will probably move outside, but I’m leaving the hooks up so I can bring it back in if it rains. It’s so nice to have a touch of outdoor fun inside our house and Sawyer loves the activity!Indoor Swing

The flowers got a little confused here when it got so warm for a few weeks, and the tree by our front door all started blooming in January. Isn’t living in Georgia the best? I love love love the warm winters.

January Flower (3)January Flower (1)January Flower (2)

Growing Fast

Have you ever noticed how time moves faster and faster the older you get? I remember as a kid, Christmas took SO long to come. Thanksgiving to Christmas felt like ten years. Sawyer is 9 months on Friday, and I feel like we’ve only had him for a week, and yet I can’t remember life without him. Although I do remember many nights of staying out late, and using the bathroom without a little boy at my feet.

But I digress- I cannot believe how quickly Sawyer is growing and learning now! In the last month he has learned to crawl and pull up everywhere. In the last two weeks, he has learned how to shake his head no and does is every time he hears "no" or "don’t," is walking around the furniture, can clap his hands and does every time he hears someone say "yay" and waves hi while making a cute noise that sounds a lot like "hi." He even picked up a boy doll yesterday and held it up and said "dad dad dad." Does that count as a first word? No matter what, it was precious! I’ve been so busy watching him grow and playing with him lately that I haven’t taken many real pictures, but lots of video, so here are some still frames from the video camera.


We have been loving this warm weather, and enjoying watching the rain from our porch. We can’t wait for Spring to come! I can’t help but already start planning the rest of his first everything and yet I don’t want him to be enough to have first birthdays or anything like that. I want my Sawyer boy to stay small forever!