You’re My Favorite Soldier- Army Cards

Little Sloth CardsWriting in a Field (2)Army Husband CardGood Morning Loretta (1)Good Morning Loretta (3)

This summer, Brandon has been gone in and out of town with college classes in Istanbul and Budapest, and Army trainings all over the country. Staying in touch halfway around the world is hard enough and for his Army trainings, we are only allowed to communicate by snail mail. I can’t really complain about having an excuse to write letters to him all the time though, I love mail. The paper, the stamps, the envelopes, the smeared ink. It’s a lost art. Opening my mailbox and seeing a handwritten letter is like getting a present, I just love it.

On afternoons when it’s not too buggy or hot Sawyer and I lay out a blanket and he plays while I relax and write. A lot of times we just relax in the backyard, but this time before Brandon got home, we went to a field near our house where we saw the tiniest baby deer the other day. I was hoping we’d see it again and get a picture, but no luck. That little baby was precious.

Sawyer loves to play in the grass and watch the trees move while I catch up on my letters to Brandon. I got this card from Little Sloth Cards and absolutely love it. It’s hard to find military cards, especially ones I love, and I love this one. The little camo heart is my favorite part. Check out their shop, so many cute cards.Writing in a Field (3)

Do you still write letters? Where do you find your stationary? I’m all about the pretty paper. xoxo

Memorial Day Weekend

Rocking Chair

Happy Memorial Day weekend! We are lake bound for four beautiful days!  Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays, we always spend it at the lake with lots of food, family, and water. This year it’s the first weekend that’s warm enough to go out on the lake, so the first day of summer in my book! Happy Summer!

Tube on the Lake


Dear Baby Sawyer,

You are not such a baby anymore. I watched you playing with your cousins today, and saw a glimpse of you as a kid. You were climbing on the playground, exploring all the low tunnels, and chasing the other kids. At one point, you looked up at me from across the room and just smiled. It was one of those brief moments where I see you growing up, where you just seemed so smart, so aware of everything going on around you. Later your little feet ran too fast for you to keep up, and you fell, and I was there to kiss all the hurt away. Being your mom has meant so much more to me than I ever could have imagined; I’m so glad that you were sent to our little family. Thank you for being silly, and fun, and just as energetic as a little boy should be.

Love, Your Mom


P.S.- Please stop trying to eat the cat food. I will catch you every time.

Sawyer’s First Birthday Party

First Birthday

I think that picture says it all. Sawyer’s birthday party was definitely a success. Everyone had lots of fun, and he didn’t cry- perfect! We had barbecue, lots of delicious food, cake and a soft serve ice cream machine, corn hole, a throwing/tarp game I made that you’ll see pictures of, and lots of family and friends there to enjoy. It rained a little on our parade but nobody let that slow them down and it was the perfect outdoor first birthday party! Sawyer’s favorite parts were the cake and a little lawn mower that my brother gave him. He has played with that thing for hours it seems like!


This tarp game was so quick and easy to make, and provided two hours of entertainment for the kids and adults alike. I just traced cookie sheets and cut around them, it could have looked a lot prettier but it served it’s purpose. We hung it from two trees and put a big bucket with a bunch of different kinds of balls next to it. The scores were pretty arbitrary and it turns out the top middle one should have been worth the most, but it was really fun watching the kids try and make any of the holes, and see the men get competitive and creative trying to beat each other.

Now for the cake smashing pictures. These could be an entire post in their own, he loved it! Went right in for the frosting and never stopped.DSC_3226DSC_3230DSC_3236DSC_3259DSC_3273DSC_3382DSC_3416

Happy 1st birthday Sawyer!!!

Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the beautiful momma’s out there, all those who someday will be, and all those who are like second mother’s to everyone’s children, happy mother’s day. Thank you for being loving, wonderful, and nurturing. I hope that you have a wonderful, relaxing day.

It’s amazing looking back on how much my life has changed in the last year. I became a mom two days after Mother’s Day. This last year has been the most challenging, rewarding year of my life. It is amazing how second-nature being a mom is and how easily we slip into such a difficult role. I have love seeing him grow, and his personality come out, and I look forward to another year of mothering and loving this little guy. Here are some pictures of him from the last year-0516120016DSC_8245DSC01256September (1)September (2)DSC_6111 - Copy2DSC_2171coGood Morning Loretta (8)

And of course, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my husband’s mom, and all of our grandmothers! We love and look up to you all!