5 Minute DIY Pocket Tee Tutorial

Pocket Tee DIY Tutorial toddler blue chevron t-shirt good morning loretta lynn sewing easy

I had such a great time making this new DIY for you guys. I wanted to do a tutorial for how to make pocket tees because they are so easy to add to a t-shirt to jazz it up, and thought it would be fun to make a kid-size version. This took me five minute top with a sewing machine. It was so easy, any beginner sewer could knock this project out fast. If you have any questions let me know. I’d love to see hows yalls turn out! Tag me on instagram #goodmorningloretta and follow me @goodmorningloretta so we can be friends!
Five Minute DIY pocket tee tutorial

I’d love to see all of your pocket tee’s using this tutorial! Tag me @goodmorningloretta in your pictures!

Five Minute T-shirt D.I.Y.

I love v-neck t-shirts. I’d be a little embarrassed if you knew how many I have. I keep seeing those cute printed t-shirts everywhere and decided to make some of my v-necks look like those! Hope you like it! I got my t-shirts at Target for five bucks (here is the link to them), (same shirt, different colors and textures), and the paint was a few dollars too, so this entire project cost me less than $10 and I ended up with some really cute shirts!

A few tips before you start- Make sure you put cardboard in the shirt while you are painting so it doesn’t bleed through, and if you want a more vintage look, you can wash the shirt a few times and the paint will fade a little. You can even go over the paint with a fine-grain sandpaper to rough it up a little. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram and share your shirts you make!


There are so many other cute designs you could do, and I’d love to see yours! Tag me at @goodmorningloretta on instagram or facebook, or comment below with a link to your shirt! I’d love to see them!

Free Daily Planner for Bloggers

Blog Planner

I love being able to have a place to check-off the things I do each day and jot down any thoughts I have. I couldn’t find one that I liked online so I made this one and thought I’d share it with everyone! I included a place to write blog post ideas for fellow bloggers. It has a place to write the date at the top, a space for to-dos, pictures to take, blog post ideas, and every day jobs (answer emails, voicemails, work-out, and drink water). I hope you like it! To print, just click on the picture at the top and you can print right from that page or save it to your computer! It is sized for 8.5X11 paper.

Daily Planner Blog Printable

p.s.- The pretty floral scroll thing is courtesy of Shabby Blogs blog.

Moss Graffiti

Have you seen moss graffiti? I’m obsessed. I wish we had a good fence to do it on. It would be a gorgeous and environmental way to do guerilla art. The great part is all you have to do is mix yogurt, buttermilk, sugar, and live moss in a blender and then paint it on. You can water it with a sprayer or just let it do it’s thing. Can you imagine the beautiful designs you could make? It would be so pretty on a fence, old building, or at a wedding. Seen here.