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So, like I mentioned a lot back in July, in August we bought our first home. We couldn’t be more excited, and have been so happy here, but I haven’t given any kind of even hint of a tour of it here on the blog. I kept feeling like it wasn’t ready, or I wanted to get such-and-such done before posting any pictures, but the reality is, we bought a fixer-upper and so I’ve gotta start somewhere. When we started house hunting, we knew we wanted something that we could work on and really make our own. I hoped that would be some kind of great craftsman bungalow that had great bones but had been mistreated over the years, or an old farmhouse style home. However, my brother had a fixer-upper he’d been working on for a few years and when he offered to sell it to us as-is, we jumped at the chance. A yellow split-level with a blue front door was never my dream, but it’ll just be even more of a challenge to get it looking like we want, and I love a good challenge.

When my brother bought this house five years ago, it had been really beat up by renters. It was moldy, leaking, and literally falling apart in places. He spent a few years living in it and gutting it at the same time (bless his wife’s heart for living in a construction zone). When he bought it the ceilings were literally falling down. He ripped out all the dry wall in the upstairs and all of the ceilings, replaced it all, laid wood floors in the upstairs, ripped out the bathrooms down to the studs and tiled and dry walled them, took down the chimney, and replaced the basement drywall. All of that also included fixing plumbing, putting in lights and fans, and tons more work. He really did a lot, and I’m lucky to have a brother who does fantastic high-quality interior work. The pictures below were taken at that point. Since it was constantly being worked on, you can’t see a lot of what he did. We’ve done more since these too, but here is our work in progress home when we bought it –KitchenKitchen
Kitchen2Dining RoomDining
LivingRoomLiving Room
MasterMaster Bedroom
MasterBathMaster Bath
BoysRoomKid Bedroom
Basement1Hall Bath
RhettsRoom2nd Kid Bedroom
DSC_9699Entry WayDSC_9703Basement Living Room
BasementBedroomBasement BedroomLaundryRoomLaundry/Utility Room

Already there have been huge improvements made. We are nowhere near being done (there are still a few boxes I haven’t even unpacked), but we have floors everywhere, décor, and some furniture!

DSC_1292 - CopyLiving-RoomBar20151009_13505920151009_135124The beginnings of a gallery wall with one of my most prized possessions, Loretta Lynn’s very first album.

I’ll definitely be sharing more pictures as we get more done and when I don’t have a little snuggly newborn to distract me!

Toddler Boy Room Ideas

As we get closer to closing on our first home (less than two weeks!), I am getting really excited about decorating, except for one small detail- I stink at picking paint colors. Really, really stink. I feel like I’ve got a good handle on what looks good together décor wise, but every time I pick paint, I love it in the store, and then somewhere between Home Depot and our walls it changes into an awful, strange different color. So I’m reaching out to the world, here are some of the things we have bought for the boys room- and I want to hear/see what colors you think would look good. While I am a fan of long lasting neutrals, I am also trying to let go of the reins and trust others opinions, so I’m up for anything. Toddler-Boy-Bedroom-Idea

(sources in case you love something as much as I did-
bedding / bookshelf / totem pole growth chart / rope mirror / curtains )

The boys room where we live now has a few more kind of outdoorsy décor elements that we might include depending on how it looks, like some lantern-y looking things and this print by Katie Daisy, but I know I want to start off with what we have above. A sweet neighbor of ours gave us a set of bunk beds that are a pine, natural wood kind of color and I’m considering painting those too. Would that be going overboard? Maybe something dark like the color in this room-

Martha Stewart Bedford Gray (from Home Depot) and the IKEA bunk beds are painted in one of my favorite colors, BM Chelsea Gray.

I probably should nail down that wall color before I even start thinking about the bed,  so let me hear your expert opinions! What color should I go for? Grey, blue, yellow, orange, you name it, I’m listening!

Nashville Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

We are in the process of buying our first home and it seems to be all I can think about. Between finalizing paperwork and finally getting to decorate my own home (I can’t wait!), there is a lot going on. Now that we are only a few weeks from closing/moving in, I am trying to better refine my style and gather ideas for what I really want the overall feel of my home to be. I have no idea what the name for my style is, I like a mix of things, but I am so excited to actually get in and start figuring things out. I am really drawn to farmhouses, but really hate all of the roosters/paisley prints/bright reds and yellows that are sometimes found am them but am loving the way farmhouse mixes so well with the current industrial trend. I feel like Nashville is the perfect combination of those two things, (plus my obsession with country music), so wa-la, the Nashville farmhouse vision board that I want to pattern my kitchen after.

When I think about the kind of kitchen I want, I see lots of white and warm woods. I want it to be inviting and a place to gather. I figure I’m raising boys, so there will be a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Mix in some strong metals and a few floral prints inspired by the Grand Ole Opry and farm life and I can definitely see myself settling in!
(sources for all items are below)



Magnolia Farms Kitchen / Marshall Farmhouse Dining Table (I am so in love with this table) / Floral Knoll Tablecloth / Aqua Earthenware Bakeware / Ceramic Camping Mugs / Industrial Pendant Lamp / Metal Dining Chair / Framed Map of Nashville / Farmhouse Crates / Soda Shop Stool / Tin Cake Carrier / Maelle Muffin Tin / Framed Horse Drawing / Sunlit Farmhouse Kitchen

Some of these links are to affiliates in which I receive a small compensation for, but all picks are my own finds and I love them!

Pottery Barn Kids Valentine Knock-off With Target Envelopes

For the last few years, Pottery Barn Kids has sold these adorable, personalized chair-backers for Valentine’s day that were so cute, but were really expensive after the monogramming and shipping (they were something like $40 final price). I had thought about making my own before, and hadn’t done it, but once again, Target has come through for me. Their one-spot shop, which is the $3 and under section had these almost identical envelopes this year for only $1. As soon as I saw them, I grabbed some. All they are missing is the chair-ties and names! I decided to keep it really simple and cheap by sewing the names on myself, but if you have an embroidery machine, that would be a great way to go, or you could always take them to someone who monograms to have the names added. For a buck, either way you are going to end up cheaper than PBK’s were, and for almost an identical product! These only took me about ten minutes each to make and that’s with two kids distracting me, so it’s a fast project.Pink_Target_Felt_EnvelopePottery_Barn_Knock_off

I bought the envelopes for $1, embroidery floss for .50 cents, and had this ric-rac already, so really this project costs me less than $2, but that’s about what you would pay if you bought all the supplies new.

target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white Here’s the supplies I used- the envelopes are from the Target One Spot section, tape, a mechanical pencil (a old fashion wooden pencil would work much better, I just couldn’t find one), embroidery floss, ric-rac, and a needle.

target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white dollar one spot shop $1$1! You can’t even get enough felt for this project at the craft store for a dollar. These things are a steal! I hear they are flying off the shelves, so find out when your Target will be restocking. They come in red, pink, and gray.

target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white dollar one spot shop $1The first thing I did to these babies, was add a piece of tape in a straight line below where I wanted the name. This helps with lining up the letters and making it look more professionally done. Then I typed out the name in Microsoft Word and just eyeballed it with pencil onto my envelope, as you can see in the picture above (sorry it’s so hard to see!) Do not skip this step unless you want your letters crooked and not so pretty. Tracing them out before, even you if you do it by eye, makes it so much easier to have them spaced right and straight once you get to the embroidery part.

target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white dollar one spot shop $1Next, I threaded my needle and hand sewed over my pencil letters. The smaller the stiches you make, the better it will look, especially on curved letters like s, c, etc. target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white dollar one spot shop $1

So easy, right? If you want them to be chair-backers like I did, I cut two pieces of ric-rac that were about two feet long, folded them in half, and sewed them on the back as ties, sewing from in inside out. I used fray check to keep the ends from unraveling. Tada! Adorable personalized chair-backers! You could always add the extra stitching on the edges that pottery barn did too, if you’d like. The pink ones come with it, the red don’t. For the pink one, I grabbed some $1 flowers out of the one spot shop that come on a clip and added those to the corner to dress it up a little more.

target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white dollar one spot shop $1target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white dollar one spot shop $1

Here’s all three that I made, one for each of my boys, and one for my best friends daughter, and here is Eleana’s compared to the Pottery Barn Kids version! If you make your own, tag them with #goodmorningloretta and share them so I can see, I’d love to see yall’s take on these, the envelopes are such a great blank space. I thought about getting a few more red ones and taking the heart off to make Christmas chair backers!target felt envlopes valentine pbk pottery barn kids knock off valentines diy 2015 kid pink red grey white dollar one spot shop $1

Thanks for reading!

First Christmas Ornament D.I.Y.

In my family, we always got a new ornament each Christmas, and they said something about what we did or liked that year. When I was 5 I got a fairy because I was always doodling pictures of fairies, and one particularly scary year my brother got an ornament that looked like a box of matches after he almost burned the house down. I had fun trying to find something personal for Sawyer’s ornament this year and wanted Rhett’s to be personal too, and while any “baby’s first Christmas” ornament would have worked, when I saw someone put their wedding napkins and announcements into an ornament, I thought it’d be so cute to do the same for him. It was so easy, and took all of ten minutes, and that’s only because I took so long painting his name onto it. I love having somewhere to keep his sweet little hospital things too, I never knew what to do with them, but hated to throw them away; this way we’ll see them every Christmas season!

First-Christmas-Ornament Baby diy gift craft firstBaby-Ornament

1. Gather supplies. I got my ornament at Michael’s for like two bucks (I got plastic so he could hang it up himself next year), and put inside one of the socks Rhett wore in the hospital, his hospital paci, hat, and i.d. bracelet, as well as mine, and a newborn picture. I ended up cutting the picture down smaller so it would fit and take up less space.

Baby-First-Christmas2. Put it all in. I put in the paci and bracelets first, then added the picture on one side to keep them kind of in place, and the sock on the other. The hat or anything else bulky you have should go in last as kind of the “filler” and to keep it all in place. I put everything in before painting his name on it, because I didn’t want to try and rearrange everything in the ornament so the name wouldn’t be blocking them. It was easier to put them in and then paint where there was an empty space.

Process3. Paint it! I took the shiny silver topper off and spray painted it black with Rustoleum’s hammered spray paint. Then I taped off two lines on the ornament with Washi tape (you could use painters tape too) to help me get the words straight and used a sample of wall paint (which worked incredible) to paint on “Rhett’s 1st Christmas” and some cute leaves and decorations. I used wall paint because it’s so durable and long lasting, and Lowe’s gives out coupons for the samples free all the time! When all of that was dry, I sprayed it with a clear sealer in hopes it will last through the years without all chipping off.
Baby's first ornament craft diy momento

4. Put the top on, add a cute bow if you want and hang it up! Easy, affordable, and meaningful first Christmas ornament!

First Christmas Ornament