Fall Glamping

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For the last few weeks we’ve been trying to take the boys camping but at least in our neck of the woods, it has been nothing but non-stop rain this fall. Lucky for us the rain has also brought 80 degree weather so we decided to make the most of it and go glamping right in our own backyard. What’s the difference between glamping and camping? Glamping means not giving up all the comforts and luxury of home (ex: real bedding, good food, pretty décor, etc.) but still enjoying the beauty of being outside. I probably lean towards glamping every time I go camping, I mean, the last time we went camping I brought our actual mattress and a tower fan. I can definitely hold my own when we go camping at the lake (we’re talking primitive, on an island, no electricity or bathrooms. It is all natural) but I’m more of a glamper at heart. My Pinterest is filled with images of pretty camping spots and campers. Taking something plain and making it pretty just does my heart good.

Who says you can’t have pretty things when you go camping anyways? I’ve got nothing against the plastic, plaid tablecloths, but it’s just as easy to throw on a pretty one. I took our Glamping experience to the next level with comfy surroundings like real chairs and plates, a teepee, pretty lights, glittery décor, and great food- Freschetta Pizza with garlic butter dip and an amazing 5-chocolate S’mores dip (spoiler alert: you’re family is going to love it). I’ve included the recipes and how-to’s later on.

backyard glamping

We chose a spot in between the two magnolia trees and set up camp. For our glamping decor, I went for a boho feel: fringe, tapestries, and patterns were my inspiration. I stayed with floral and feather motifs to complement the pretty fall scenery. Anything I didn’t already have on hand, I grabbed at Wal-Mart. In true glamping fashion, I wore a dress and we set up our tent, camping table and chairs. For our table I put out real dishes and goblets nicer than the ones we usually use. The pretty lights, candles, and fire all dancing off the glittery feathers set the perfect atmosphere for glamping.

glamping tablescape fallglamping how to bohoglitter feather decorGlamping-Table
I hung pretty tapestries and sheets and brought rugs outside. We hung a hammock to relax in, put our camping chairs by the fire and we made a teepee for the boys to play in with a little lounge area beside it. The boys loved the teepee so much, Rhett played in it for hours.

glamping blogger blog teepee outdoor backyard pioneer womanglamping decor boho modern metaldiy teepee easyglamping with kids

I love all these mis-matched plates I picked up at Wal-mart. They look so pretty outside. For food I planned a meal that could be made on the campfire but didn’t need any utensils to eat so we’d have less clean-up. The glittery feathers and lights above the table gave the whole set-up a dreamy feel. I wish we could eat out there every night, it was so pretty. The feathers are actually Christmas ornaments that I simply hung from the clips on the lights.

pioneer woman glamping dishes Glamping (94)boho glampingpioneer woman glamping boho dishes candles backyard fall winter spring summer dishes plates goblets pizzaboho glamping decorGlittery feather garland

The Teepee we built might have been the highlight of the experience for Rhett. It gave him somewhere safe to play away from the fire and he just loved siting in there and playing with toys.

Glamping (31)Glamping (59)

D.I.Y. No-Sew Teepee Directions:
There are so many great teepee how-to’s out there, but have you ever read them? They sound easy until you get to a point where they want you to calculate angles and bust out the sewing machine and make a pattern and maybe I’m just lazy but I left geometry back in high school, but I really wanted to have a teepee to take along since they are so cute, and they fit the glamping experience perfectly so we figured out a way to make one with no math and no sewing!!!

diy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glampingdiy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glamping
1X2 boards- you’ll need 5 that are 8 feet long (or longer if you want a taller/wider teepee)
Canvas Painters Dropcloth (ours was 4’X10′ prior to cutting it)
Leather Cord

I knew I wanted the teepee to have an authentic/rustic look to it, so the first thing we did was take all five boards (these will be your poles) and planed the edges of them. We used a hand planer to take off all the hard edges and then sanded the sides and the tops. If you don’t have a hand planer you can use a pocket knife, it will take longer but have the same look. Then we measured a foot down each board and drilled a hole for the rope to go through, and followed up by sanding the holes.

DIY Teepee Poles instructions

Next you’re going to want to stand up your poles back to back and run the rope through the holes, putting about a foot of rope hanging down on the other side. Then spread your poles out out in five different directions and wrap the rope around from top to bottom. When you get to the end, tie the ends together in a secure knot. The frame for your teepee is done!

diy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glamping

To make the cover, grab your drop cloth and drape it over the frame. I pulled ours around the front and then used a clip to hold the front together so I could move the canvas around to where I wanted it to hang. This can get tricky and is much easier to do with two people. You’re going to want to decide how much overhang you want in the front, and where you want your cover to touch the ground all the way around. I wanted a slight overlap in the front and then it to turn before it touched the floor. We took a pencil and traced most of the lines and then put it on the ground and cut; I also ironed the drop cloth at this point. Once it was cut (and your cuts can be a little rough, we’ll fix that in a minute), we put it back onto the frame and clipped the top to hold it again. At this point I went around with the scissors trimming up anywhere that I wanted a little more curve or anything really jagged.

diy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glamping

Next you’re going to cut six holes for the leather lacing that holds the canvas on. I simply pinched the fabric where I wanted holes, and made a small cut with my scissors. You can add fray check to the cut holes if you want to, but I liked the frayed look. My boys have played with our teepee a lot, including knocking it down and pulling on the laces, and we haven’t had any problems with the holes unraveling or tearing. Next take your leather cord and cross lace it through the holes to secure the canvas and to add a nice leather touch. Tie it off in the back and cut the excess cord.

diy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glamping
Now your raw edges are going to look very unfinished at this point. To give them a finished, boho-inspired look, I frayed the fabric along the cut edges. The easiest way to do it was to simply hold the fabric taut with one hand and then to lightly pinch the fabric with my other hand and slide it down the edge a few times, fraying the strings. Any strings that hung out too long I trimmed even with the others. I love the way the fringe edge looks and because the canvas is so durable, it’s not going to easily unravel, but if you are concerned about that or you use a less-tightly woven fabric, you might want to use fray-check on these edges as well.
diy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glamping

Now you have the perfect easy teepee for all of your glamping adventures!

diy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glampingdiy teepee no sew easy fast quick cheap glamping
My boys were really excited about cooking the pizzas over the fire- they don’t normally help with the meals when we go camping and have never had campfire pizza before. We love Freschetta pizzas, they have the best toppings and are so much better than other pizzas so we bought the Freschetta® Brick Oven Crust Roasted Mushroom & Spinach variety and the Pepperoni (the Freschetta® Naturally Rising pizzas are really good too, just sayin). You can find them in freezer aisle at Wal-mart20151102_170007

Cooking them over a fire was really simple and easy. Keep your pizza frozen until you’re ready to use it (and don’t eat them before cooking, yuck), remove the pizzas from the packaging, double wrap them in foil, making sure the entire bottom is covered especially, and place on a grill top over the center of a low fire (put your grill top on the fire five minutes before the pizzas so it can heat up). The cooking time varies based on how hot your fire is, and can be affected by wind or how cold it is outside, ours took about 15 minutes but you’ll know they’re done when the bottoms are golden brown and the cheese is all melted. Remove the pizza from the fire and let them sit for at least two minutes to cool off and then they’re ready to serve! Any you don’t eat can be put back in the cooler or thrown away.

camping food ideaspizza over a camp fire (2)how to cook pizzas over a firecampfire pizzaGlamping (42)Glamping (43)

They were so good and definitely added to the glamping experience having something we truly enjoyed eating. Make sure you bring along something to cut the pizza too.

I also made a great garlic butter pizza dip to go along with the pizza; it taste just like the ones that come with restaurant pizzas. This dip is great for glamping because it will do well in a cooler without getting hard. I used a butter spread instead of real butter so that it would stay soft. Pop&Cook garlic is great too because you don’t have to do any prep work, you just pop them in and go.

For the dip, you’ll only need three simple ingredients: salt, butter spread, and garlic.
In a microwavable bowl, place 1/4 tsp of salt, 1/2 a cube of the Pop&Cook garlic (it’s above 1/2 a glove of crushed garlic), and 1/2 cup of the butter spread. Microwave it for twenty seconds on high.

Take it out, stir it, and it’s ready! If you’re taking it camping, let it cool and then place in a cooler-safe container and have fun!

Garlic-Butter-Dipping-Sauce-PizzaGlamping (45)Glamping (51)Glamping (41)

That’s my sweet niece eating with us. She joined into help out with the boys. She is the best helper! Once we were done with dinner, we moved on to dessert.

I had an idea I wanted to try for a S’mores dip that is cooked over the campfire, and it came out better than I could have even planned.

Smore-Dip-RecipeCampfire dessers glamping smores chocolate
Five Kinds of Chocolate- I used regular milk chocolate, alpine milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate with cookies and cream, and the secret ingredient- white coconut chocolate
Graham Crackers

Directions: Pour your bag of marshmallows into a cast iron skillet. You don’t need to worry about spraying the skillet with any kind of oil as long as your skillet is still seasoned well. Put your skillet on the fire and let it cook until you begin to see the marshmallows browning on the edges.

Remove your skillet from the fire and put all of your chocolate on top. (I wish I had stirred my marshmallows before so I could have marbled the chocolate in, so if you’re going for looks, mix the marshmallows before adding the chocolate.) Then put it back on the fire. It only needs to sit on the fire long enough for the chocolate to melt. Stir the chocolate in until evenly mixed and remove from the fire again! Serve with graham crackers to dip in and it’s the perfect S’more!


I knew this was gonna be good, but I had no idea. It was SO good. You know how your chocolate never melts enough and your marshmallow is always burnt? Problem solved. Plus, it’s a great dish to share.

We spent the rest of our night cooking marshmallows, playing in the teepee and just enjoying our cute camp spot. It was the most perfect evening and I can’t wait until we get to do it again. Hopefully the rain lets up and we can enjoy being outside again!

Glamping (28)Glamping (48)Glamping (54)Glamping (62)Glamping (36)Glamping (60)Glamping (35)The teepee was a great place to crash.Glamping (64)

I had such a fun time glamping with my family, and now I really want to plan a girls trip. Have you ever gone glamping? You know you’re dying to go now, aren’t you?

D.I.Y. Floating Shelves

So in true seventies, split-level house-ness, our house has a lot of awkward spaces and big walls that need something dimensional to anchor them. On Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines seems to always be putting beautiful wooden shelves in all of the homes they design and I fell in love with them (anyone else obsessed with that show?). I had seen a few tutorials on Pinterest that I liked, but most didn’t have all the steps or were more complicated than they needed to be, so my husband and I took the best ideas from them and made these; they cost about $20 per shelf to make.

rustic diy d.i.y. floating shelves farmhouse easy cheap

Supplies Used:
2X4 common board
1/4″ plywood
1X8 common board
Finish Nails
Pocket Screws
Miniwax Stain and Putty in Provincial
Miniwax Paste Finishing Wax

The basic idea of these shelves is that you essentially are making a box that is missing two sides, screwing it into the wall, and then adding on the two missing sides. For the back and sides of our shelves, we used 2X4’s. We made them eight inches deep- deep enough to hold jars and cute decorative things like my vintage scale, but not jutting out so far from the wall that I thought they looked odd.

The dimensions for your shelves will probably depend on the space you are trying to fill. I held my hands up to show my husband how big I wanted them, and he made them that wide. Our shelves are 8 inches deep, 36 inches wide, and about 5 inches tall.

Now for the cutting- we cut a 2X4 to go across the back of each shelf. It should be cut to 4 inches less than your desired width. Next you want to cut the 2X4’s that will be the sides of your shelves. We cut ours to 8 inches, so our shelves would be that deep. Now, you can either pocket hole the sides to the back support, like you’ll see we did in our pictures, or simply screw them in from the side. You will see these nails, but you can always fill them later. If you are making your shelves much longer than ours, you may want to add a center support or two as well for extra strength. Since our shelves were pretty short and felt strong, we chose not to.diy shelf frame

Now you can cut your top shelf. Take your 1X8 and cut it to the width of your shelf, and then nail it to the top of your frame, like below.Shelf2

At this point, you’ll want to cut your plywood for the front and bottom of the shelf. You won’t add it on until the end, but you’ll want it cut so you can stain it with the rest of the pieces. Measure your frame, and cut the plywood to the proper dimensions. Our bottom piece measured approximately 8 inches deep and 36 inches wide. It’s a good idea to measure and cut it to your exact dimensions though, because lumber is never exactly the size it’s called. After cutting your bottom piece of plywood, set the frame on it and measure how big your front piece of plywood needs to be in order to cover the entire front of the shelf. Once you’ve made all your cuts, sand and stain your pieces.

Now for installing them! Figure out exactly where you want your shelves, and screw the back 2X4 into the studs in your wall. Make sure you use a level! 31Once the frame is on the wall, you can nail on your bottom piece and then the front piece. Wa-la! You can stop there, or you can fill in your nail holes with wood putty to disguise the nail holes. I also added a layer of finishing wax for a more polished look. You can use Polyurethane if you want a glossy finish.5

When I came back in with all my cute decorations to fill them up with, I found this:4

Ryobi would be proud. My husband would have been totally happy to have those on the shelf forever, but it didn’t exactly fit my rustic farmhouse-y décor. (Here’s the link to that awesome nailer we used)
DIY floating rustic shelves farmhouse how to DIY floating rustic shelves farmhouse how to

If you make some yourself, I’d love to see your pictures!

Home Tour

So, like I mentioned a lot back in July, in August we bought our first home. We couldn’t be more excited, and have been so happy here, but I haven’t given any kind of even hint of a tour of it here on the blog. I kept feeling like it wasn’t ready, or I wanted to get such-and-such done before posting any pictures, but the reality is, we bought a fixer-upper and so I’ve gotta start somewhere. When we started house hunting, we knew we wanted something that we could work on and really make our own. I hoped that would be some kind of great craftsman bungalow that had great bones but had been mistreated over the years, or an old farmhouse style home. However, my brother had a fixer-upper he’d been working on for a few years and when he offered to sell it to us as-is, we jumped at the chance. A yellow split-level with a blue front door was never my dream, but it’ll just be even more of a challenge to get it looking like we want, and I love a good challenge.

When my brother bought this house five years ago, it had been really beat up by renters. It was moldy, leaking, and literally falling apart in places. He spent a few years living in it and gutting it at the same time (bless his wife’s heart for living in a construction zone). When he bought it the ceilings were literally falling down. He ripped out all the dry wall in the upstairs and all of the ceilings, replaced it all, laid wood floors in the upstairs, ripped out the bathrooms down to the studs and tiled and dry walled them, took down the chimney, and replaced the basement drywall. All of that also included fixing plumbing, putting in lights and fans, and tons more work. He really did a lot, and I’m lucky to have a brother who does fantastic high-quality interior work. The pictures below were taken at that point. Since it was constantly being worked on, you can’t see a lot of what he did. We’ve done more since these too, but here is our work in progress home when we bought it –KitchenKitchen
Kitchen2Dining RoomDining
LivingRoomLiving Room
MasterMaster Bedroom
MasterBathMaster Bath
BoysRoomKid Bedroom
Basement1Hall Bath
RhettsRoom2nd Kid Bedroom
DSC_9699Entry WayDSC_9703Basement Living Room
BasementBedroomBasement BedroomLaundryRoomLaundry/Utility Room

Already there have been huge improvements made. We are nowhere near being done (there are still a few boxes I haven’t even unpacked), but we have floors everywhere, décor, and some furniture!

DSC_1292 - CopyLiving-RoomBar20151009_13505920151009_135124The beginnings of a gallery wall with one of my most prized possessions, Loretta Lynn’s very first album.

I’ll definitely be sharing more pictures as we get more done and when I don’t have a little snuggly newborn to distract me!

Toddler Boy Room Ideas

As we get closer to closing on our first home (less than two weeks!), I am getting really excited about decorating, except for one small detail- I stink at picking paint colors. Really, really stink. I feel like I’ve got a good handle on what looks good together décor wise, but every time I pick paint, I love it in the store, and then somewhere between Home Depot and our walls it changes into an awful, strange different color. So I’m reaching out to the world, here are some of the things we have bought for the boys room- and I want to hear/see what colors you think would look good. While I am a fan of long lasting neutrals, I am also trying to let go of the reins and trust others opinions, so I’m up for anything. Toddler-Boy-Bedroom-Idea

(sources in case you love something as much as I did-
bedding / bookshelf / totem pole growth chart / rope mirror / curtains )

The boys room where we live now has a few more kind of outdoorsy décor elements that we might include depending on how it looks, like some lantern-y looking things and this print by Katie Daisy, but I know I want to start off with what we have above. A sweet neighbor of ours gave us a set of bunk beds that are a pine, natural wood kind of color and I’m considering painting those too. Would that be going overboard? Maybe something dark like the color in this room-

Martha Stewart Bedford Gray (from Home Depot) and the IKEA bunk beds are painted in one of my favorite colors, BM Chelsea Gray.

I probably should nail down that wall color before I even start thinking about the bed,  so let me hear your expert opinions! What color should I go for? Grey, blue, yellow, orange, you name it, I’m listening!

Nashville Farmhouse Kitchen Inspiration

We are in the process of buying our first home and it seems to be all I can think about. Between finalizing paperwork and finally getting to decorate my own home (I can’t wait!), there is a lot going on. Now that we are only a few weeks from closing/moving in, I am trying to better refine my style and gather ideas for what I really want the overall feel of my home to be. I have no idea what the name for my style is, I like a mix of things, but I am so excited to actually get in and start figuring things out. I am really drawn to farmhouses, but really hate all of the roosters/paisley prints/bright reds and yellows that are sometimes found am them but am loving the way farmhouse mixes so well with the current industrial trend. I feel like Nashville is the perfect combination of those two things, (plus my obsession with country music), so wa-la, the Nashville farmhouse vision board that I want to pattern my kitchen after.

When I think about the kind of kitchen I want, I see lots of white and warm woods. I want it to be inviting and a place to gather. I figure I’m raising boys, so there will be a lot of time spent in the kitchen. Mix in some strong metals and a few floral prints inspired by the Grand Ole Opry and farm life and I can definitely see myself settling in!
(sources for all items are below)



Magnolia Farms Kitchen / Marshall Farmhouse Dining Table (I am so in love with this table) / Floral Knoll Tablecloth / Aqua Earthenware Bakeware / Ceramic Camping Mugs / Industrial Pendant Lamp / Metal Dining Chair / Framed Map of Nashville / Farmhouse Crates / Soda Shop Stool / Tin Cake Carrier / Maelle Muffin Tin / Framed Horse Drawing / Sunlit Farmhouse Kitchen

Some of these links are to affiliates in which I receive a small compensation for, but all picks are my own finds and I love them!