Christmas Gift Guide For Toddler Boys

I know Christmas isn’t just about the presents, but I do LOVE Christmas shopping. For my kids, for my husband, for the mail man. I just love trying to find someone the perfect gift, the gift they need but don’t even know it. I’ve had so much fun deciding what to get my boys for Christmas this year, and made up a fun inspiration board with my favorites for Sawyer this year. He isn’t getting all these things, but any of these would make for a happy happy Christmas morning. Sources for all the items are listed below.

Toddler Christmas Ideas boy gifts 2014

Clockwise from top left / Acoustic Guitar – Macys / Toy Camera – Bloom Theory / Tribal Teepee – Neiman Marcus / Ride on Excavator – Land of Nod / Stick Horse, Chambray Shirt, and Tribal Leggings – EwMcall Etsy Shop / Woodland Neckerchief – Haberdashery / Tattoos – A Little Bundle / Fisher-Price Classics Record Player – Kohls / Robot Nesting Dolls – Land of Nod / Woodland Dinner Set – LoveMae Store  / Scooter – Kohls (I plan on getting one at Target on black Friday, they’re on sale for $20)

Check back for more gift guides this week!

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Toddler Church Style

I can’t believe how big Sawyer has gotten. Every time I turn around, I feel like I’m looking at a grown boy. I never thought I’d get so worried about getting older so young, but I just want to stop time. We’re at a pretty good place right now- both boys are sleeping well and Sawyer is potty trained completely finally. What more could you ask for, right? Here is Sawyer in his church outfit from Sunday, outfit details below!Toddler-Boy-Church-StyleToddler StyleToddler-Boy-Stylesouthern toddler boy style summer fall winter dressy dress church boat shoes seersucker easter thanksgivingToddler-Church-Style

Sawyers Outfit:
Seersucker Jacket: Target, no longer for sale, (here is a similar, but pricier one) / Pants: thrifted/ Vest: thrifted / Shirt: Children’s Place / Tie: Target (old) / Shoes: Kohl’s (I have loved these shoes on him)

This post contains affiliate links that I receive a small (really small) compensation for.

A Month

I haven’t post a new blog in a month. I didn’t mean to, it just kind of happened.

In the last month, we and most of our extended family has had the flu and an awful cold, Sawyer had the flu twice. Rhett has been to the E.R., Sawyer had to have an outpatient surgery; there have been ear infections and a run of thrush. Brandon’s sister and her family came to visit, as did two of my brother’s and their families and my sister and her family. We’ve gone to the lake three times, celebrated lots of people’s birthdays, celebrated the fourth of July, Brandon started a new job, I’ve gone back to doing photo shoots, Rhett has more than doubled his birth weight, and he went to his first concert.

I’ve missed blogging, but we have been busy busy just living and loving life.

Miracle Swaddler, babies, quilt, cousinsDSC_8288coDSC_7183coDSC_8258coDSC_8976iBaby quilt anchor nautical patchwork boyToddler Boy Style and HaircutSawyer’s shirt can be found here

DSC_0122 - Copy3DSC_9739

Hopefully July will bring more blog post from me!

Toddler Boy and Mom Style

If Sawyer could just stay this size for a few months I would love it. He’s just so perfect and cute, and I am in love with this outfit he is wearing. I love putting him in moccasins and got the cutest Navajo print ones from Bens Favorite Things on Instagram (check them out!). It’s so hard to find boy clothes that are cute, and not covered in logos. This is the perfect toddler outfit to me.

We had the best Labor Day weekend at the lake, and I decided to go the entire weekend camera free, so no pictures, sorry! So many times when I have my camera I feel like I have  to take so many pictures and capture all the moments, and while it killed me a few times not to have it, it was so nice to just leave the phone and camera at home and get away for the weekend. We camped out on an island in the middle of a big lake in Alabama with Brandon’s family, it was so much fun. My parents and some of our friends were also out there this weekend so it was fun to see everybody and hop boats and spend time with so many people we love. Labor Day weekend always feels like a bitter sweet goodbye to summer for me.

Toddler Moccasins (1)Toddler Moccasins (2)Rocking ChairThrifted goodwillToddler Moccasins (4)Toddler Moccasins (3)Hooded Romper ToddlerToddler Moccasins Navajo


Romper: Old Navy
Navajo Moccasins: Ben’s Favorite Things (instagram) Etsy (here is a smiliar, equally cute pair)

Floral Blouse: Thrifted
Tank Top: Gifted
Pants: TJ Maxx
Belt: Urban Outfitters

More of my favorite toddler boy outfits featured here, and here.