Playing Santa


This year was Sawyer’s first Christmas, and our first year playing Santa. We LOVED it! Although, like many new families, we could have easily saved our money and just bought Sawyer wrapping paper and boxes instead of presents. He had quite the good time ripping things open and dumping them out of the boxes then playing with the paper. Luckily, he still hasn’t begun sticking everything in his mouth. He got very, very spoiled and we are so grateful for all of the clothes and toys and fun things we all got! I think his favorite present is a Little Tykes Swing. We hung it in our play room since it is so cold and we spent almost all day on Wednesday out there playing.

We had the most wonderful week filled with lots and lots of family, and lots and lots of food. Today we got to go to the Temple, my first time since having Sawyer and it was amazing. I love the peace and happiness that is felt when you enter the Temple. Prior to going on bed rest while pregnant, we went all the time, and I know having a baby changes everything, but that is one thing I hope to be able to do more often. Yes, getting a baby sitter is hard, but we’ll make it work!

Tomorrow, we have a wedding reception for these two:MainStreet (24)MainStreet (114)Wedding (273)Wedding (291)

I photographed their wedding back in November and tomorrow we’re gonna celebrate Georgia style!

Moss Graffiti

Have you seen moss graffiti? I’m obsessed. I wish we had a good fence to do it on. It would be a gorgeous and environmental way to do guerilla art. The great part is all you have to do is mix yogurt, buttermilk, sugar, and live moss in a blender and then paint it on. You can water it with a sprayer or just let it do it’s thing. Can you imagine the beautiful designs you could make? It would be so pretty on a fence, old building, or at a wedding. Seen here.


"Well there ain’t no picket fences, and there ain’t no grass to mow

and if you don’t like the neighbor, well there’s another one down the road…

Home sweet home sweet home sweet highway"

-"Home Sweet Highway" by The Wrights


While we were in Saint Simons, we stopped by an RV park to visit a cousin’s friendDSC_4619

We weren’t there long but all I wanted to do was walk around and talk to all of the people and look at their trailers. My whole life I have longed to live a life on the road. One look at a vintage airstream and I’m weak in the knees. I love traveling by car, love the campiness of RV’s and fifth wheels, and love the idea of living city to city and staying in RV parks and KOA’s. In fact, freshman year of college, I begged my parents to let me get an old fifth wheel and park it at an RV park near campus to live in for the year. I lost out on that one, but I would die to refinish an old airstream and travel around the U.S. seeing all the amazing sights and history our country has. Kristen Chenoweth in RV? Anybody?


Someday… 🙂


Spanish Moss on Beach

We decided to take a little break from reality and escape to a southern paradise.

Spanish MossSpanish MossSpanish MossDSC_4633DSC_4645DSC_4654DSC_4665Spanish MossSpanish MossDSC_4563DSC_4553Spanish Moss

Yum- Spanish Moss. It is everywhere there; the trees and fences and phone lines are just dripping with it. It never gets old. We spent the week relaxing, eating out, laughing with family and getting much needed down time before the busy Christmas season. St. Simons and Jekyll Island, Georgia. 


The Lake in Wintertime


My family has been going to the lake ever since I was a baby, and in the summer we practically live there. My parents have property there and in the winters we like to go and let the kids play in the lake bed and then we four wheel and eat and play all day. The kids love playing in the lake bed; I think their favorite part is searching for "treasure" (i.e.- all the things that fell off peoples boats and docks that year). I love how children find the beauty in everything they see.


Sawyer’s favorite part is riding the four wheelers. Here he is just playing on it for fun; when we go out, I put him in the Baby Bjorn facing me and he loves it.


At the end of the day we went tromping through the woods looking for a Christmas Tree. Usually we get one from a Christmas Tree farm, but this year decided it would be fun to go find one in the woods since we see them in the woods so often. It was a little harder than I thought it be, and the tree does look pretty funny now that it’s in our living room, but we love it. I’ll post pictures of it soon!