Good Morning Loretta

Good Morning Loretta, Good Morning All,

It is December 4th and I am writing this post with the windows open and the breeze coming through the house. It’s 73 degrees outside and I’m wearing capris, a short sleeve shirt, and no shoes. Sawyer is napping and I’m eating the last of my Trader Joe’s Peppermint Joe Joes. I love the Christmas season in Georgia. I know a lot of people complain that it is hard to feel Christmas-y without chilly weather or snow, but I absolutely love it. I love being able to go outside and enjoy the day. I love not wearing a million layers of clothing or closed toe shoes. Last Thanksgiving, Brandon and his brothers went wakeboarding on Thanksgiving Day. That’s the holidays in Georgia, for ya.

Peppermint Joe Joe's

these are amazing! Thank you Barb!

I loved Christmas as a child, and still do. My mom and dad would make all six of us wait at the top of the stairs until they said we could come down. Then we’d race down and find our stockings full. They always had candy, small toys, and something practical like rubber bands or nail clippers. Usually whatever item we had all been arguing over lately. One year my brothers each got 50 combs in their stockings because my mom was so tired of hearing them argue over who lost the last comb haha. Then we’d all open presents and the floor would be covered in wrapping paper. The cat would come in and tear it up for us and we’d all eat and play until we couldn’t any more.


I hope ya’ll are all having fun getting in the Christmas mood and I hope your weather is just the way you like it, whether that be warm or cold, enjoy the season!

Winsome Jones

Recently I had the honors of taking pictures of some of the first photos for an awesome new clothing website that opens today, Winsome Jones. Winsome Jones

I love their slogan- "less skin, more style." Lately I’ve noticed just how hard it is to find clothes that are cute, but don’t show every single inch of skin. Winsome Jones sells super cute clothes that do just that and are stylish. Celebrate their launch with me by checking out their new line at!

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek at some of the awesome clothes they sell!


I love their look and the fabulous ladies behind the clothes! Plus, look who joined us on the shoot, my favorite little model 🙂




I heard something great the day other day, and have been thinking about it a lot lately. I was talking to someone at church about having babies, and she mentioned that it’s not the baby that makes everything crazy, it’s everything else. It’s so true isn’t it? Babies are such a wonderful happy thing, they bring so much joy! It is the business of life that brings the stress and rushing and craziness. Thinking about it has made me relax a little more and make sure I take the time to snuggle my little boy just a little longer and appreciate these days where he is still so small. The other day we waited three hours in the doctor’s office (I think they forgot us. When I went up to ask the nurse how much longer it be since there was no one else left in the waiting room, she looked really surprised and then rushed us back, where a few of the nurses were already heading out to lunch. Awkward…). A three hour wait in an office with a baby could be stressful,boring, long, but we really had fun. I let Sawyer play with the other babies if the momma’s were friendly, we played lots and lots of peek-a-boo and he had a good nap on my chest, which he hasn’t done in months. It was great! Our lesson in Sunday School last week was about gratitude and I think remembering to be grateful for everything really helped my attitude about everything this week, and gave me the chance to have a great, fun three hours of waiting rather than a boring, antsy wait. After all, how could I not be grateful to spend everyday with this cutie?

Good Morning Loretta

Stepping Stones



Last month I spent a few days focused in on searching for family history, walking through century old graveyards looking for a  familiar name, and for some kind of clue to some of the ancestors I have who we simply cannot find. I am fortunate to have very tangible roots so close to home. I think many people do, but just don’t take advantage or don’t realize just how close they are. It’s a powerful thing, to look for your family, and to see where they were, and where their final resting places are.DSC_5871

This a photo from October of the home of my family in the 1800’s, where one of my great-great, etc. etc, grandfather’s came home to after the civil war, and where he raised his children. It still stands, and you can still see where his fields and pastures were. That’s amazing to me. To envision what it looked like then, and to see it now.DSC_5947

Here is his grave, not even ten miles away. I’m actually surprised it is that far.


This is the original church at the cemetery, the foundation has been redone, but much of it is original. Amazing. Even more amazing is that a hundred years later, we have come back to the area, and only live a half hour or so away. Why I hadn’t been here before now, I don’t know.


Our week around here has been crazy. The level of messiness in our house is proof. Last Monday, I came down with something so bad I thought it was horrible food poisoning until my Dad got it this morning. I’ll spare you the details, but it was ugly. Moving on, luckily, I was feeling good enough by Thursday to get it some family time at both our families for Thanksgiving. We spent the morning at Brandon’s brother’s, then he went dirt biking with him, and the afternoon at his cousins, then the evening at my folks. We are so grateful to have so so much wonderful family nearby and so much to be thankful for! A few pics from the day-



Just hanging out up here…



His Dad dressed him. He’s really proud of his Halloween costume.


"…and here’s how you start it Son"



"Hey Ladies, check out my ride"

Sawyer has a second cousin who is nine days older than him. I can only imagine what they think when they are together, but it’s so fun seeing them grow up and interact. I’m sure they’ll be best buds growing up.


"and this toy here, you just pull just like this…"


"whoa, look at that toy!"


"It’s mine!"


"outta my way"


"I saw it first"


"I’m not giving up without a fight!"


Still best buds! Happy Thanksgiving!