Looking For Land

We had the most beautiful day last Friday, when we spent the day out on one of our friends farm. Brandon has been working with his brother on a new project and they were out there all day working on a promotional project. I was supposed to be filming things but kept getting distracted by the pretty horses and cute cows.lifestyle-blogger (8)

The boys got to tag along too; Sawyer adored their little miniature pony. The first photo here had my eyes swooning-lifestyle-blogger (2)farm-bloggerlifestyle-blogger (5)

My whole life I’ve wanted land to roam and animals to raise. When Brandon and I were dating, I made him promise me that we’d have a miniature donkey by the time I turned 35. He still has a few years, but we can’t have livestock where we live right now. We chose a home in this area because of the great schools and commute times for Brandon, but most of the city has rules about how big your land has to be to have livestock, and the homes with that much land are $$$$$. I’m hoping we can find somewhere with good schools but is a little more remote in the next few years. Brandon’s hoping for a house with a dirt bike track around it like on Motocrossed (anybody remember that movie), he doesn’t care as much about location.
lifestyle-blogger (1)

So if any of you out there in blog land live in a school district that’s A++ and has farms, comment and tell me where so I can start house hunting!


Last week, we didn’t just have one snow day- we had three! I feel like Sawyer has just had an eternal Christmas Break from school because he’s been home so much. The schools (and a lot of businesses) were closed for three whole days and we got more snow than we’ve seen in a long time. It was also colder than I remember it ever being in Georgia. It was obvious after about 5 minutes that our makeshift snow clothes (which in the South always includes putting on socks and then grocery bags and then boots) were not made for this kind of weather, but we did have some outdoor fun and lots of indoor snuggles, movie watching, and total house destroying.srgb_4srgb_5srgb_8

Sledding was so fun but I think we went down the hill about four times. Our Georgia selves couldn’t handle that kind of cold! (It was 15 degrees with a wind chill making it feel like it was 6 degrees) srgb_3

Shelby LOVES the snow and turns in to the cutest puppy bounding all over the yard and eating snow. I couldn’t get any clear pictures because she was so fast but this one makes me laugh every time I look at it-


I’d love to say something  cute like “we can’t wait until it snows again” but the truth is most of us here are just praying it gets back up into the 70’s and 80’s (and 90’s) as soon as possible! I’m ready to jump in the pool and lay out on the dock again!

Snow Day 2018

It’s not uncommon for us to wear shorts in the winter and flip flops on New Years, but this year has been so cold for us Southerners. Last year I never even touched the bin in the basement where I keep the boys big puffy coats and all the scarves and hats, but this year we have needed them on a daily basis. As much as most of us in the deep south despise being cold, occasionally, every few years, we get a few hours of “Devils’ Dandruff” (name that hilarious SNL skit) and make as many slushy snowmen and icy snow balls as we can.

Georgia Snow Day (2)

This was the first time that Rhett and Ford have ever seen real snow and probably Sawyer’s first time that he actually remembers (I think he was 1 1/2 last time it snowed), so seeing their little faces light up when they looked out the window in the morning was adorable.
Georgia Snow Day (1)

Snow doesn’t last long here, so we had about four hours to sled, make snowmen, break ice, and have as many snowball fights as we could. It was a fun while it lasted!

Georgia Snow Day (7)Georgia Snow Day (9)Georgia Snow Day (10)Georgia Snow Day (13)c

I wish I had been able to get better photos of Shelby running in the snow, she loved it.

Georgia Snow Day (12)

As you can see by our use of gardening gloves, we don’t exactly keep winter clothes in stock around here.

Georgia Snow Day (8)

Family Home Evening Frog

Once a week, we try to have a night that is set aside to spend together as a family. We call it “Family Home Evening” and base it off the suggested structure our church gives here, starting and ending with prayer, having time to go over what activities our family has coming up, and then having a lesson about Christ or a gospel topic and then doing some kind of activity or game together. Even though our kids are young and not off at their own activities every night, we still get busy and having a night set aside that is designated to be together ensures we get intentional quality time together and gives us another opportunity to teach our kids the gospel of Jesus Christ and opens the door for continued gospel related discussions in our home. Our boys are little, so most of the time they are bouncing around and a little silly, but I always try and make the lesson really fun so they will want to participate and we usually have a treat afterwards. DSC_4409crecolo

A few weeks ago, we invited my husbands Uncle who is here from Canada to come over for dinner and Family Home Evening and he offered to teach the lesson. To teach his lesson, he brought a dead frog in a jar to help teach his point (which had to do with resurrection). He also shared some really cool videos about frogs that can be frozen but come back to life when they thaw out. It was really neat and the perfect lesson for three little boys.


Of course, no lesson since has been nearly as exciting, and every time we see Uncle Jerry they ask him if he remembers the Family Home Evening Frog.

I think I’ll do some post this year sharing some of the lessons we have done for FHE that my kids have loved. With little ones, the lesson can either be the worst part, or the best part, and we’ve come up with some really fun ways to make the lesson their favorite part (like teaching them Daniel and the Lions Den by “throwing” them to the lion- our big fluffly golden doodle who licks them nicely 🙂

Christmas Tree Farm 2017

I was looking through our pictures from 2017 and found these adorable pictures from the Christmas Tree Farm that I had forgotten about. We love going and cutting our tree down and even though fake trees are convenient, I would miss these memories with my boys too much. Minter Farm (2)Christmas tree farm fayettevilleMinter Farm (1)Minter Farm (4)Minter Farm (5)Minter Farm (6)Minter Farm (8)

And the best part of all is I managed not to kill our tree the first week we had it! Hurray!

minter farm fayetteville georgia