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No doubt about it. You’ve got an awesome website, blog, or product. The world needs to know! Start spreading the word right here at Good Morning Loretta. Did you know Technorati’s 2013 DIT report showed that bloggers are the third most powerful influence on the internet?

Good Morning Loretta loves working with other blogs and companies. We offer great advertising spots for sponsors, which are featured on the side of the main blog page. For prices, simply email me at

I also accept items to be seen on the blog if they reflect my own personal style or my family’s style. Items will be chosen by myself and will not be returned. These post are always shared through social media as well, on my facebook, instagram and pinterest pages to ensure that you’re goods get some awesome publicity! You do not have to be a sponsor to send me your items for outfit post. Great items we love to share can be clothing for me or the kiddos, home goods, baby gear, or more!

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