I’m a Georgia girl blogging about my family, home, style and adventures in the Deep South. I’m just a simple, wanna-be Loretta Lynn trying to slow life down.

How did you start blogging? I am a Loretta Lynn fan. No argument there. When I was thirteen, LorettaLynn.com opened a webboard for fans. I visited all the time, eager to read anything about the lady I admired so much. One fan started writing letters to Loretta everyday, and when she stopped, I picked it up and began a thread titled “Good Morning Loretta.” For nearly four years, everyday I wrote the going-ons of my teenage life to Loretta Lynn. (don’t worry, I know I was a loser in high school haha) I didn’t think she actually read it, or that she would care even if she did, but I knew if anyone in the world understood how I felt and who I was, it would be her. (I was always quite the mis-fit and “old soul”).

When the closed the boards years later, I missed writing those letters every day. Now, here I am, married and with a family and picking up where I left off. Raising my little boy in the same small town I grew up in, still very much a misfit, and very much a fan of Loretta Lynn.

What camera do you use? Most of my pictures are taken on a Nikon D610. I love love love my camera, however if you are a beginner photographer and are looking for a camera to get started in photography, this is probably not the camera for you. Try the Nikon D3300. It is amazing and you can get pro looking photos for sure. Trust me on this one. I do sometimes share photos (especially on instagram) taken on my Samsung Galaxy 5S.

How long have you been in your home? We bought our home fall of 2015 and have been renovating it ever since!


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  1. I love your new page. I have always admired you and wanted to cheer you on. I never thought of you as the misfit, but as the brave person who just was herself. Be proud that you have followed your own path and been true to yourself.

  2. You always make me smile. I feel so blessed to have met you through the classroom and then these years later to still be able to stay in touch off and on. I had wondered if you had stayed in touch with your country roots and am glad you have! I was proud of the person you were in 8th grade and am proud of the person you are!

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