The Best Time to Be a Kid

Thank you to Gymboree for sponsoring this post, we love their clothes and were grateful to get to work with them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Holiday Boy Clothes (2)

Like I said in my last post, holidays are SO much fun for kids, and being a parents means I get to live some of that vicariously through my boys. Making cookies, shopping for presents, seeing Christmas lights, we have so many fun holiday traditions, and we got a jump start on them when my Mom wanted to decorate her house early for Christmas. She has company coming into town for Thanksgiving and wants her house decorated when they come. I loved decorating our house as a kid and was happy to return home with my boys in tow to help add glittering lights and splashes of red and green.Holiday Boy Clothes (3)

My boys are always so excited when it’s time to decorate for a holiday. They love helping me get out the decorations and going through them one by one, smiling at the sparkly stars and happy snowmen. Gymboree sent us some awesome clothes to outfit the boys while they played outside and decorated the house. Gymboree opened a store near us just a few years ago but they have been making kid clothes for 30 years now. With three boys, I always look for cool clothing styles that are made well enough to be handed down from Sawyer to Rhett and to Ford and still be saved for possible future boys. Gymboree makes cute outfits that are high quality, which means they can run through the yard looking at the Christmas lights over and over, and still look cute in pictures. I love that their play clothes can be picture clothes too, which makes it perfect for all the holiday celebrations, because I love capturing photos of the magic of holidays as kid and I’m always hoping to get some of these cute brothers.DSC_4033Holiday Boy Clothes (15)Holiday Boy Clothes (14)Holiday Boy Clothes (13)
How cute is Rhett is that beanie? It was really easy to find clothes I loved in Gymboree’s holiday clothing. These matching boots Sawyer and Ford have on look tough and cool, and they were so cute chasing each other around pretending that the Christmas Garland beads were snakes.Gymboree Holiday Clothes  (33)Holiday Boy Clothes (1)Holiday Boy Clothes (22)

Sawyer has always been fascinated with holiday decorations and begs to drive around to look at them every Holiday season. He was so excited for Grandma’s house to be decorated already, and even more excited to help. Check out that awesome Pendleton sweater he has on, I fell in love with it the minute I saw it!Gymboree Holiday Clothes  (19)Holiday Boy Clothes (10)Gymboree Holiday Clothes  (30)Holiday Boy Clothes (19)

As exciting as the decorations are, I think what they are most excited about is that the guest coming is my Sister and her family, which means they get to see their cousins. As exciting as holiday treats, parties, lights, presents and all are,  my kids forget about all of that when they see their cousins and all they want to do is play and visit with them. Getting to spend the holidays doing all those fun things with their cousins is the best, and we’re so grateful to Gymboree for making great kid clothes that are comfy and fun so they can enjoy the holidays and play until they can’t play anymore! Good think Gymboree has cute pj’s too so they can change into those and we can watch Christmas movies and snuggle on the couch!

If you love the boys outfits as much as I do and you want to see everything they have, head to Gyboree’s website for so many cute and stylish holiday outfits!