Looking For Land

We had the most beautiful day last Friday, when we spent the day out on one of our friends farm. Brandon has been working with his brother on a new project and they were out there all day working on a promotional project. I was supposed to be filming things but kept getting distracted by the pretty horses and cute cows.lifestyle-blogger (8)

The boys got to tag along too; Sawyer adored their little miniature pony. The first photo here had my eyes swooning-lifestyle-blogger (2)farm-bloggerlifestyle-blogger (5)

My whole life I’ve wanted land to roam and animals to raise. When Brandon and I were dating, I made him promise me that we’d have a miniature donkey by the time I turned 35. He still has a few years, but we can’t have livestock where we live right now. We chose a home in this area because of the great schools and commute times for Brandon, but most of the city has rules about how big your land has to be to have livestock, and the homes with that much land are $$$$$. I’m hoping we can find somewhere with good schools but is a little more remote in the next few years. Brandon’s hoping for a house with a dirt bike track around it like on Motocrossed (anybody remember that movie), he doesn’t care as much about location.
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So if any of you out there in blog land live in a school district that’s A++ and has farms, comment and tell me where so I can start house hunting!