The Medical Card Every Mom Should Have

A few weeks ago ScriptSave® WellRx reached out with the opportunity to write a sponsored post for them and since I had just had this awesome experience, I wanted to share it with y’all. I had no idea there was an awesome app like this out there!

Just two more weeks left until school starts here and that precious little Sawyer of mine because a full-blown Kindergartener. We’ve been going through all of the back-to- school prep, and one of the first things I marked off of our checklist was getting his asthma prescription refilled so he could have an extra inhaler at school.


Sawyer had his first asthma attack at 9 months old, and let me tell you, it was scary. We’ve learned so much since then and have learned what works best for him and how to avoid his asthma triggers but it’s also important, crucial really, for us to make sure we always have an inhaler available in case he needed it. A few weeks ago, I went in to get an extra inhaler and adaptor to be stored in the nurses office at school. His medicine is pricey and it adds up quickly, especially when I have to buy two sets, and so I was calling around to a few pharmacies to try and figure out where I could save the most money. I called my Mom to ask where she fills her prescriptions and she suggested I get a prescription savings card. She had been spending a lot of money on medicine until someone told her about getting one and now it only cost her a few dollars a month for her prescriptions. Honestly, when she said it was free and that you could just download the app, I was skeptical, because that seemed too good to be true, but I tried it, and was able to get his medicine way cheaper at our same pharmacy here in Peachtree City, GA just by showing them my ScriptSave WellRx card on the app. Surprisingly, many prescriptions are actually cheaper if you don’t use your insurance (insurance companies have deals with the pharmacist that often raise the price but the pharmacist can’t tell you it’s cheaper without it unless you ask. Crazy, I know.), and so when the pharmacy tells you the price but with insurance, you can show them the card and they will run it without our insurance and you pay the price the app showed you.

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The ScriptSave WellRx  app and website (jump to the end of the post to get the link and unique sign up code) give you two great tools for saving money on prescriptions of any kind. One way is they have a great pricing tool where you can put in the medicine you are buying and your zip code and it will show you the prices of all of the pharmacies in your area. I was really surprised when I saw the price differences between all of the stores, and when Ford got an ear infection last week, I checked out ScriptSave WellRx’s app and was able to compare prices in a snap. There’s no fees, you don’t have to enter any private information, it really is that easy.

The other way that you can save money is by showing your click here and go get the Scriptsave WellRx app card which you can pull up on the app. It’s similar to having a coupon off of many different medicines. When you go to pick up your medicine, you can show it and they will adjust the price accordingly. It doesn’t come off of all medicines, but it doesn’t hurt to try, and you won’t lose anything by trying.
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I love our local pharmacy because our crazy little town, Peachtree City, is a golf cart town (if you haven’t seen some of my Insta stories about it, you should follow me on Instagram) and we can do the drive-thru pharmacy on our golf cart. My kids love not having to get in the car and I love being able to be outside in the summer as much as possible.
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When you have kids, it seems like there are so many things to spend money on and saving on any prescriptions means we have more money for the fun things like sports, boating, or back to school clothes shopping, and when saving money is this easy, it’s a no brainer. I love that I can save time shopping around and head straight to where I know his medicine will be the best deal. Yall have got to click here and go get the Scriptsave WellRx app, when you do make sure you use the code “loretta” when you are signing up!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ScriptSave® WellRx.