Hasn’t this weather been amazing??? We have been outside a lot over this winter, it was such a mild winter, no complaints here, but most of it was spent (at least by me) digging dirt in and out of our yard after our basement had to be dug out and repaired. Talk about a workout, but this kick into the high eighties has finally been enough to pull me out of hibernation and and get playing and photographing again. I’m also finally almost done with some other big home projects that I am getting ready to share with yall once they are finished and I think you’ll love them. I feel like I really am coming out of hibernation after a quiet but restful winter and am so excited for the Spring!Playing outside spring (3)Playing outside spring (5)Playing outside spring (6)Playing outside spring (7)Playing outside spring (9)I’m sooo glad I captured this moment because those lips!!!

Playing outside spring (4)Playing outside spring (1)Playing outside spring (2)DSC_7585

I know the last picture is blurry but it’s my favorite. That’s exactly how I feel when a ball is coming at me too. Also, yes my parents do have a boat upside-down in their yard that the kids have turned into a slide. It’s awesome. They are also turning an old four-wheeler into a toy for the kids to ride and it’s awesome. I’ll have to share a picture of it when it’s done but I’ll give you a sneakpeek and say that it is baby blue with awesome fake horns (the loud kind, not the antler type kind, although that sounds awesome) attached to the front. Coolest grand-parents award.