4 years ago we took Sawyer trick or treating for the first time and it was so much fun. When you have kids, you get to do all the same fun holiday things except it’s even more fun watching your kids do it. That year he was a little cowboy, this year he wanted much more scary characters, either way, watching our boys run house to house just like I did as a kid was so much fun.

Good Morning Loretta Halloween (2)

About a month before Halloween, I asked the boys what they wanted to be, and immediately Rhett said a shark. I asked again a few days later, and a few days after that, and his answer was always the same. I was not about to try and make a shark costume myself, so we went online and I like him choose which ever one he wanted (out of the affordable ones). I’m so glad he chose this one because I was laughing so hard all night at the sight of a little great white shuffling across yards and taking the occasional face plant (which he handled like a champ).

Good Morning Loretta Halloween (3)Good Morning Loretta Halloween (4)

Brandon dressed up as David Pumpkins (I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture) so Ford was one of his skeletons, he’s just missing the awesome wig.

toddler boy shark costumetoddler boy mummy costume

When I asked Sawyer what he wanted to be, I was given a long list of costumes he wanted to be, all of which were obscure, hard to create things. I went all out for his Battlebot costume last year, but this years were much more complicated. I went to the thrift store and sorted through tons of costumes looking for something I could maybe adapt to be one of the things he wanted to be, and found this mummy costume. He had never mentioned being a mummy but it was his size and it’s extremely well made, so I bought it in hopes I could convince him that it was the coolest costume ever. A few kid youtube mummy videos later, and he was sold! $4 thrift store costume + some gauze from the first aid kit and we had a mummy!

Good Morning Loretta Halloween (8)Good Morning Loretta Halloween (9)

Rhett really was so darn cute in that shark costume. He might have to be it next year too, and the next year, and for ever and ever.
Good Morning Loretta Halloween (1)

The boys ended up with way more candy than they could handle and we all were worn out and happy and got a few good scares from a local families haunted house. It was a great Halloween!