Happy New Year!


I haven’t take any pictures since Christmas!!! I am behind, or what? We’ve had so much fun since then, that I didn’t want to miss a moment- not even from behind a lens. We had Christmas Eve, Christmas, Family in town, our 2nd Anniversary, a Cousin’s wedding, New Years Eve at the Lake, Post-Christmas Shopping, and two babies born! Not to us- but one to my brother- Baby Jake, and one to two of our best friends- Baby Nolan! Holding Nolan for the first time I couldn’t believe how little he was and how light he felt! Either Sawyer weighed tons more (he didn’t), or my muscles have just gotten huge in the last seven months (definitely the latter). Babies are just such a happy, exciting thing, what a great way to start a new year.

We loved 2012; it was a journey into a totally new world: parenthood! Looking back:


I can’t believe the year is over, but I feel like it was a good year. You know how sometimes time sees like it flies by and you feel like you missed so much? This year I feel like I really took the time to enjoy everything and make the most of things. It’s a great feeling to have. Here’s to hoping 2013 goes just as well!

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