Summer in Winter

Mom win: hanging a swing in our playroom. It has been nothing but rain for about a week now, and really cold! Okay, okay, really cold to me is the high 50’s, but even in the low 60’s, I’m cuddled up under a blanket. Definitely a girl from the Deep South. Santa gave Sawyer a swing for Christmas and I had the brilliant idea of hanging it inside so we could swing him anytime of day and no matter what the weather was like. He loves it. He crawls underneath it and reaches up for it and fusses until I swing him for a little bit. In the spring it will probably move outside, but I’m leaving the hooks up so I can bring it back in if it rains. It’s so nice to have a touch of outdoor fun inside our house and Sawyer loves the activity!Indoor Swing

The flowers got a little confused here when it got so warm for a few weeks, and the tree by our front door all started blooming in January. Isn’t living in Georgia the best? I love love love the warm winters.

January Flower (3)January Flower (1)January Flower (2)

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