Happy Mother’s Day

To all of the beautiful momma’s out there, all those who someday will be, and all those who are like second mother’s to everyone’s children, happy mother’s day. Thank you for being loving, wonderful, and nurturing. I hope that you have a wonderful, relaxing day.

It’s amazing looking back on how much my life has changed in the last year. I became a mom two days after Mother’s Day. This last year has been the most challenging, rewarding year of my life. It is amazing how second-nature being a mom is and how easily we slip into such a difficult role. I have love seeing him grow, and his personality come out, and I look forward to another year of mothering and loving this little guy. Here are some pictures of him from the last year-0516120016DSC_8245DSC01256September (1)September (2)DSC_6111 - Copy2DSC_2171coGood Morning Loretta (8)

And of course, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, my husband’s mom, and all of our grandmothers! We love and look up to you all!

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