Happy Halloween!

Yall pumpkins

Proud Mom moment: first time trick-or-treating with your own kids. Watching Sawyer run up to peoples doors, knock, take a piece of candy and say “thank you!” just like the big kids was so cute. It took him a few houses to catch on and then all he wanted to do was trick-or-treat. Though the candy was fun, he was more interested in trying to get past the people and explore the houses. We had to apologize and pull him out of many of our neighbors front hallways- sorry neighbors! Tonight was our second Halloween celebration, and Sawyer’s second costume, so there’s pictures from all of it tonight! It was a put costumes together at the last second kind of year!

Bandit Robbers (1)Bandit Robbers (4)DSC_1092
creepy Halloween dinner we made!

Happy Halloween!

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