Firetruck Santa

Christmas with a toddler is way more fun than any Christmas I’ve had in the past. I guess every mom out there knows exactly what I’m talking about, and we have had so much fun teaching Sawyer about Christmas and nativities, Santa, lights, and all of the other fun things involved. He’s only knocked over one Christmas tree so far, and hasn’t opened a single present. I was worried he’d attack them once they were under the tree, but he seems to understand the whole setup is off limits.

In our city, Santa comes around on a fire truck one weekend to every street and stops at the houses with kids outside and says hello and takes pictures. It’s done by the fire department and they collect toys for Toys for Tots and canned goods for local needy families. I always loved this as a kid and knew Sawyer would too. The only hard things is they say it will come by your house sometime between 12 and 5. I guess we missed him because we were home from 12:20-all night and he never came by! We could hear the siren though, and luckily Sawyer is small enough to have no idea what we were telling him was going to happen really, so no disappointment here haha. He did look cute in his Snowman PJ’s waiting outside for him though! Ho ho ho!DSC_3587DSC_3580DSC_3560

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