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Isn’t it funny how you can have nothing planned for the day, then be so busy all day, but that night you can’t remember what you did? That’s been our life lately, busy busy busy busy, and yet I feel like I got nothing done. I’m six months along now and feel my body telling me to start slowing down. I get more and more excited for this next little guy every time I feel him kick. I’ve been trying to take advantage of the nesting phase I’ve been in and get things done while I still want to. It feels early to be washing and hanging up tiny baby clothes but I don’t want to wait and then not get it done! We’ve also been trying to find ways to get out of the house. The cold weather has us pretty cooped up and it is driving Sawyer crazy! Any tips for occupying toddlers indoors is greatly appreciated!

Father and So4nDSC_5948DSC_6117Plasma Car

Out for a walk in the beautiful 65 degree weather / My newest niece / Golf cart rides with my buddy / He is turning into quite the Daddy’s boy

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  1. At barnes and noble(not sure if Books-a-million does) they have a kids zone with train tables and books and more for the little one to play with!

    1. They closed all of the Barnes and Nobles by us 🙁 Maybe the Books a Millions have them too? I’ll have to check, thanks!

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