8 Ways to Personalize Your Hospital Birth for You and Baby

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Maybe I’m just nesting and want to do nothing but prepare for this baby, but I love the idea of personalizing you and your babies hospital experience a little more. The hospital isn’t the most homey place, and I love the idea of bringing baby into a little more warm environment, plus all of the these ideas would look so cute in all of the pictures that will be taken. I am in full nesting mode and can’t wait to get a few of these things to bring with us to take to the hospital for baby #2.  Here are a few cute ideas you could bring to the hospital with you or if you are an awesome friend looking for a cute gift to bring to the hospital, here are some great ideas!
(source: Jennifer Ann’s amazing shop!)
1. Custom Name Blanket/ How adorable are these personalized blankets made by Jennifer Ann? I didn’t realize how bad I needed one for our babe until I found her awesome shop of personalized baby leggings, blankets, and hats on instagram. This would be adorable to swaddle baby in at the hospital and such a pretty keepsake.

Flower Crown Newborn(source: feather river boutique)
2. Cute Headband or Hat/ How sweet is it seeing a newborn baby with a cute little headband or hat on? I think a flower crown on a newborn would be an adorable way to introduce her to the world. Babies are supposed to wear hats to keep their body temps normal, but you could definitely put her in a cute headband for a little bit to meet family. I’ve seen lots of cute customized hospital hats on etsy too that make baby stand out in the nursery and look so sweet.
personalize your baby's birth, customize baby's hospitaf3. Bassinet Name Decorations/ Your baby is brand new, and so is their name, it is the first thing everyone will want to know about your sweet little newborn. My sister-in-law had this adorable name banner tied on her baby’s hospital bassinet. It made the metal bed a little cozier looking and looked so cute in the nursery or room when you walked in. All the nurses and visitors loved it.baby hospital wreath
(source: Genevieve Designs BR shop)
4. Sign for the Door/ I don’t know if this is just a cultural thing, but in the south it’s tradition to have a cute banner or wreath on your hospital door. In my area it’s customary for family to bring this to celebrate baby, but I know plenty of mama’s who bring their own. I like the pretty wreaths people do that you can hang on your house when you go home. I really like the one above because you could order the chalkboard blank, which is nice if you aren’t finding out the gender ahead of time or want to put that stats on the sign after baby is born. It could also be reused for future babies or holidays since it’s not baby specific- perfect!

6. Holiday Apparel/ My brother’s baby was born December 30th and still in the hospital for New Year’s Eve. They took a cute party hat and cut it down to fit him and had him wear it that day, it was adorable. I’ve seen babies in stockings on Christmas, heart onesies on Valentine’s Day, etc. It makes for a really cute photo for their baby book too.personalize your baby's birth
(source: eggagogo shop)
6. Cute Onesies/ I don’t pack tons of clothes to put baby in while at the hospital, but this time around I am going to bring a cute onesie or two. Onesies are nice and simple since the nurses need to get to their little legs and arms frequently and it makes diaper changes easier for tired new mom’s. The white hospital one is fine, but why not put them in a cute one?

7. Bring Your Own Pillow/ While this idea isn’t quite as cute, it is so nice to have your own pillow during your hospital stay. Unless you love flat, worn out pillows, I suggest bringing your own. It will make the sleepless nights a little better and add a cute pop of color in the background of your pictures. Make sure your pillowcase stands out so they don’t take it with the laundry!Gown(source: SilkandMore Etsy Store)
8. Bring Your Own Hospital Gown or Robe/ The hospital gowns are by no means cute or very comfortable. A lot of mom’s are bringing their own gowns for the birth or after. While I don’t bring my own gown, I do bring a pretty robe that looks good in pictures and is easy to nurse out of. It’s nice having something pretty to wear during delivery or after. The robe in the picture above has buttons up the back so it can be used for both.

Your hospital experience should be special and I hope these help give you some great ideas for your upcoming newborn, or at least give you something fun to think about! I’d love to know what other  ideas yall have!

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