New Years Resolution

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So I know I’m a bit late sharing my New Year’s Resolution, but I didn’t make it until the end of January, so I’m not too far behind, right? I wanted to choose something this year that I wouldn’t stop doing just a few weeks later because I didn’t really care, or choose something unrealistic. Finally, I thought of remembered something I had been wanting to do more often, and the perfect New Year’s Resolution- setting goals.

There are so many studies proving the effectiveness of setting goals to get more done, and goodness knows I could always use help getting more done, I mean, I even procrastinated setting a New Year’s Resolution (and this is the first time I have ever set one!) In high school, I was the person in class doing their homework right before the bell rang. So to help me get more done, I am setting one large goal every month, and a small goal for each week. I set my monthly goal at the beginning of the month, and my weekly goals each Sunday. So far, it’s been four weeks, and I’ve gotten every single goal done. Even just writing it down has help solidify in my mind that I need to use my time better and focus.

If you set a New Year’s resolution, I’m curious, what was your it?  You are probably about two months into it now, how has it gone?? What do you do to remind yourself?

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