Modern Birth Announcements

Blame it on my love of snail mail, but I have already been picking out baby boy’s birth announcements. I love getting pictures of my friends and family’s sweet babies in the mail, even if I’ve already seen them on facebook and instagram a million times. If you send me a birth announcement, you child is guaranteed a spot on my fridge for a long, long time. Not everyone sends paper birth announcements anymore, but I love mail and tend to run on the traditional side so we definitely will be (I’ll take any excuse to send someone a letter in the mail). Here are some of my favorites that I’ve seen lately.  I’m loving clean, contemporary lines, and modern graphics. Links to each announcement are at the bottom!


Sources: Geometric Birth Announcement / Sweet Splash Announcement / Infographic Announcement / Fancy Type Announcement / Watercolor Bunting AnnouncementModern Way Announcement / Little Contender Announcement / Geometric Birth Announcement / Floral Birth Announcement

4 comments on “Modern Birth Announcements

  1. Did you enter the name on the last one or was it just a coincidence? I like the “presley” invitation but love the name on the first-Rory!!!

    1. Haha it was just a coincidence. I like Rory too but Brandon said it’s too Gilmore Girls haha. We are currently back at square one.

  2. I just came across this post and was totally blown away to discover that you featured one of my designs! (I’m the one who made the “Watercolor Bunting” design.) And so, so happy to see you featured the gray version – it’s my favorite and I was sooooo terrified other people wouldn’t like it.

    Just wanted to leave you a note that months after you wrote this it made one designer’s day.

    1. So glad you got to see it, it is so cute and I was so happy to feature it! You do beautiful work, and I love the gray version, so cute! Thanks for leaving me a note letting me know- it made MY day!!!

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