Mail Day

With the due date of this little guy getting closer and closer, we all the sudden realized there were quite a few last minute things we had never gotten for baby and ordered a bunch of stuff online one night. It wasn’t much fun seeing the money come out of our bank account but was a lot of fun when I walked up to our garage yesterday and saw a whole heap of packages. The most fun to open had to have been this bright blue box from the Honest Company. I had heard a lot of great things about their products and used needed nursing cream as an excuse to finally order a few things. I liked that their nursing cream is all natural. I would love to have everything we use organic in our house, but because of costs, most of it isn’t. I figured something that baby would possibly be ingesting a tiny amount of was one thing I didn’t want to cut costs on and buy a cheap drug-store version of, and opted to get Honest Company’s “Nipple Cream.”

The real fun of this package though, was Honest Company’s pretty packaging and attention to detail. Even the shipping boxes are custom made for the Honest Company. Nipple Cream is not the most fun product, but it’s made much cuter in a little jar, and I LOVE that their diapers have modern, cute prints on them. I often wonder how much more I’m paying Pampers per diaper to put a licensed image of Big Bird on them, when baby doesn’t care, and I would much rather see a cute anchor print like these have. I’ve heard a lot about the Honest Company, but was always curious to see how their diapers and products held up to other companies, I’ll do a review for y’all once baby comes and we actually get to try everything out!


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