39 Weeks

I will be 39 weeks tomorrow. There is a part of me that is so ready for this boy to hurry up and be here and another part of me that will probably never be ready. I have loved having just Sawyer at home and don’t know how I will share my time between two kiddos but I know we’ll figure it out. We also still don’t have a name, which makes me slightly anxious but I’m hoping we’ll figure that one out somehow. More than anything, I am so excited (and ready) to have this baby and for Sawyer to be a brother!


Pregnancy wise I am finally to that awesome part of pregnancy where I get really puffy faced and I lose more mobility by the day. I was really feeling pretty awesome about this pregnancy until a few days ago; I was way too comfortable to have the baby then. I ended up in the hospital for a day with a really bad case of food poisoning and now I feel like I’ve paid my dues. More than anything, I am so glad I haven’t had to go on bed rest with this pregnancy and that I’ve gained about half the weight I did with Sawyer (I gained way too much with him), I have felt so much better this time around.


Really we’re just ready for this little guy to come, it really could be any day now!

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