Rhett’s Birth

Rhett turns three months old today. How has time gone by so fast? Rhett was born May 8th, and was a pretty quick delivery from the time I got to my room and the time he was in my arms. Sawyer’s labor (my first) was a bit longer, so it took me by surprise when I felt ready to push, especially because I went from a six to a ten in less than two minutes. Ouch. I didn’t push too long, although it felt like forever to get him in my arms. He weighed in at 7 lbs., 11 ounces and 20 inches long, with lots of dark, black hair and grey eyes. I love love love my hairy babies. Both of them have had black hair all over their heads, ears, backs, and arms when they were born (luckily, they lose the hairy backs and ears haha).

He was so sweet and easy at the hospital, and has been every bit the angel I prayed he would be, if you remember my fears I talked about here, I was quite worried we’d get two colic babies in a row. Here are some of my favorite photos from his birth. I think my very favorite is the one of the nurse holding Rhett up in the nursery window. Rhett was in the nursery getting his pediatrician check-up when Sawyer came to meet him, and so that is how they met for the first time before Sawyer got to help push him back to our room and hold him.

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He is a perfect fit into our family. We love him!


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