Atlanta Botanical Gardens



We tagged along on my Aunt’s trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens the other day. It was beautiful and they had so much more than I remember as a kid. I don’t think I’d been back since a fifth grade field trip.

Do you ever do that? Never try something again because you didn’t like it once? I haven’t been to Ruby Tuesday’s since I was five because one time my mom took me there and I didn’t like my food. When I was five. and I just have never gone back. Yea, something might be wrong with me. That’s all right though.

In my fifth grade head, the gardens were cool but not somewhere I’d go back to, probably because I was more interested in Backstreet Boys or Dixie Chicks. I’m so glad my Aunt invited us and gave me a second chance there, because now it’s somewhere I want to take other people to and visit again. It was beautiful, and they had tons of fun things to keep Sawyer involved and entertained. I think his favorite part was the giant gorilla sculptures made out of plants.


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