First Christmas Ornament D.I.Y.

In my family, we always got a new ornament each Christmas, and they said something about what we did or liked that year. When I was 5 I got a fairy because I was always doodling pictures of fairies, and one particularly scary year my brother got an ornament that looked like a box of matches after he almost burned the house down. I had fun trying to find something personal for Sawyer’s ornament this year and wanted Rhett’s to be personal too, and while any “baby’s first Christmas” ornament would have worked, when I saw someone put their wedding napkins and announcements into an ornament, I thought it’d be so cute to do the same for him. It was so easy, and took all of ten minutes, and that’s only because I took so long painting his name onto it. I love having somewhere to keep his sweet little hospital things too, I never knew what to do with them, but hated to throw them away; this way we’ll see them every Christmas season!

First-Christmas-Ornament Baby diy gift craft firstBaby-Ornament

1. Gather supplies. I got my ornament at Michael’s for like two bucks (I got plastic so he could hang it up himself next year), and put inside one of the socks Rhett wore in the hospital, his hospital paci, hat, and i.d. bracelet, as well as mine, and a newborn picture. I ended up cutting the picture down smaller so it would fit and take up less space.

Baby-First-Christmas2. Put it all in. I put in the paci and bracelets first, then added the picture on one side to keep them kind of in place, and the sock on the other. The hat or anything else bulky you have should go in last as kind of the “filler” and to keep it all in place. I put everything in before painting his name on it, because I didn’t want to try and rearrange everything in the ornament so the name wouldn’t be blocking them. It was easier to put them in and then paint where there was an empty space.

Process3. Paint it! I took the shiny silver topper off and spray painted it black with Rustoleum’s hammered spray paint. Then I taped off two lines on the ornament with Washi tape (you could use painters tape too) to help me get the words straight and used a sample of wall paint (which worked incredible) to paint on “Rhett’s 1st Christmas” and some cute leaves and decorations. I used wall paint because it’s so durable and long lasting, and Lowe’s gives out coupons for the samples free all the time! When all of that was dry, I sprayed it with a clear sealer in hopes it will last through the years without all chipping off.
Baby's first ornament craft diy momento

4. Put the top on, add a cute bow if you want and hang it up! Easy, affordable, and meaningful first Christmas ornament!

First Christmas Ornament

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  1. What a great idea! I did that last year with James’ hospital hat, etc. because I thought it would be a fun place to keep all his artifacts. I just sharpie-d his name, but I love your paint job. Perhaps I need to do some adjustments when I pull out the Christmas decor.

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