Cutting Down A Tree

I don’t know when I became so anti-fake tree, but I refuse to do a fake tree for Christmas. We toyed around with the idea this year since we already have a fake one, and it would be cheaper, and less mess, and we’d be out of town a lot this month but I just love having a real Christmas tree. There is something magical about going and cutting one down and bringing home and decorating it. It puts me a lot more in the Christmas spirit than unboxing and re-fluffing a fake tree. We’ve been lucky to get to do a real tree every year, and I hope that we always will. This is the first year that Sawyer has really been old enough to participate and he had so much fun just running around and wanted to play hide and seek between the trees for forever. Finally we got the perfect little plump tree for our house, cut it down, took it home, and set it up. I love it. Merry Christmas!

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