It snowed in our house last week.snow inside toddler activitiesBabySnow

I sat down to read some instructions on something and when I looked up, it was everywhere. Styrofoam snow, falling from the hands of my three year old who had found some packaging in the trash. I could have been mad, I could have made him clean it all up, but instead I just ran with it. Those are those moments that make childhood so fun and magical, and we soaked it up. We made snowmen and threw it at each other. Rhett just loved it falling on his head. I love my boys and am so beyond grateful that I get to spend my days with them; I know how lucky I am and do not take it for granted one bit.Good-Morning-LorettaGoodMorningLoretta

disclaimer: If this sounds like a fun idea for your kids, just be warned that it took me almost two hours straight to clean up, and I’m still finding styrofoam balls around the house. Just puttin that out there.

2 comments on “Snow

  1. Stacey,
    I loved it that you made such memories with the boys. I hope that they remember it – Sawyer might be old enough to do that. But you have pictures to show them of good times when they were little.
    Sawyer and Rhett are just the cutest little boys.

  2. These pictures are to cute! Your such a fun mom for letting them go wild with it. Although the clean up sounds like when my aunt bought me a kit of 2000+ beads one year for Christmas and I tripped going up the stairs with the box in my hand and they all went flying. When my dad moved out of our house when I left for college he said he was still finding beads in the corners and basement… hopefully that wont be your life with Styrofoam 😉

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