Time to Process

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This pregnancy has gone by so fast. I found out later than I did with the first two, then Brandon left for 4 1/2 months, and then we moved right away and have been working on the house and then BAM all the sudden, I show up to a Dr appointment and they mentioned I was 34 weeks. That means baby is almost here. Which means I should have things ready for him, and I don’t. Life has been so crazy busy lately I feel like I need to take like a two hour break all to myself just to process the fact that I’m pregnant, and to get out all those sweet little newborn clothes and diapers. That’s when it always starts getting really really for me that a baby is coming soon- when the diapers are out, the hospital bag is packed, and we’ve got baby sitters all set for the older boys. I probably should do all that haha. No matter what, even if I don’t get around to doing all those things before he’s born, I know he’ll be happy and loved and that’s what matters most.

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