Christmas Eve

There’s still plenty of things I need to get done before Christmas festivities start up again tonight, but right now I’m just sitting and enjoying staring at the tree. We made sure to get it up right away this year, and yet it’s almost done fulfilling it’s cheery purpose. I kinda wish we could have a tree in here all year.
Maybe it’s something about being in our own house, or maybe I’ve been better organized (not likely) but this is one of the first years I haven’t felt like I’m rushing around to get things done or showing up late to everything because I wasn’t ready in time. It helps that having three little kids has finally given me a tiny bit of courage to start saying no to things that I don’t have time for or don’t want to do. I am such as non-confrontational person and am terrible at saying no to anything and when I do say I can’t come to something or do something for someone I feel so guilty, but I’m getting better. Not much better, but better.DSC_9403 - Copy

It’s rained everyday here for a few weeks, but it’s been in the 70’s, so I am not complaining one bit, and in the middle of all the holiday fun, I’ve had so many photoshoots for other families that I’m still running around like a mad woman. I’m so grateful to have so much to be busy doing, and to be able to do things I love. My kids are great, you blog readers are great, and my husband is the best. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your Christmas is absolutely beautiful!!!!!IMG_20151221_101246IMG_20151217_094213bed

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