Nursery Reveal

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I didn’t really plan decorating the nursery when we moved in. I had lots of things here and there that had been in Sawyer’s nursery at our old house and a few things that I’d hung over the crib when we were staying with my parents. Ever since we moved in, the nursery has been set up for Ford to move into, but Rhett has been sleeping in there still. Now we’re trying to move Rhett in with Sawyer and put Ford in the nursery, so I finally cleaned out the corners and finished setting it up. DSC_0244

The cowboy painting is one of a pair that I found rolled up in one of my parents closets when I was looking for something. When I framed them I decided to leave the little drawings on the edges showing that the artist did. I love that he made little pencil sketches on each painting before numbering them.


I couldn’t find any curtains I liked for this room, until I came across the blue striped one above. It’s actually a shower curtain, but I loved the fringe detail. Rather than buy an ugly swag hook (I couldn’t find any I liked), I simply cut a foot or two of jute rope that I use to tie it back so the sun can flood the room. I got the Mexican blanket off of ebay that I originally planned on putting on the wall or using in the bed, but loved the way it looked on the floor, so it stayed there. The cabinet is another great passed-down piece from family. It was made by my great-great grandfather and used to be a gun cabinet in there home before someone added little shelves to make it a china hutch. Now it stores all Ford’s tiny little pants and shoes.


I have been so hesitant to move my little Ford into his own room. I love being able to look over and see him at night, and to have him close for getting up with during the night. Part of what pushed me to really get the room ready and feel confident moving him was getting a video monitor. We got the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Video Monitor which is available at Babies “R” Us online and in-stores so I can see him even when I can’t look over and see him. It has great night vision and you can even take pictures of them with it. One of my favorite features is that I can connect it to my phone and check in on him anytime. I have a tendency to lose baby monitors, so being able to just use my phone is great. The Smart Sync monitor also has great features that can save Mombies like me whose brains forget things easily. You can keep track of when babies last feed was and on which side (I’m so bad at remembering!), when they took medicine, diaper changes, and how big they grow. Everyone says by your third kid you won’t be able to keep track of any of that kind of stuff, but being able to save it with just a few taps on the screen makes it much easier!

I repurposed a wall organizer for mail as a diaper and wipes holder on the changing table and the camera for the monitor fits perfectly with some succulents and cacti. The wall hanging was made from some driftwood I picked up on an evening walk after they emptied the lake in our town. I used different strings and twines to hang some feathers and treasures from.


The changing table in our nursery is my most prized piece of furniture. When I was pregnant with Sawyer, I would look at these beautiful baby nursery’s with gorgeous, expensive cribs and changing tables, and I found one that I loved so much, it was so me, and I would just leave the tab open on my computer all the time so I could look at it. I guess that was my form of nesting, online shopping haha. That changing table, however, and the beautiful crib that matched it were so far out of our price range, and Brandon kept insisting that he could make something similar himself. He had never made a piece of furniture in his life, but he had always wanted to, and I’d always wanted him to, so we priced it out and one Saturday he made it happen! Sure there were a few small mistakes on the way, but when he finished it, I was so in love and so proud of it. I love it so much more now than I ever would have loved the store-bought one. My favorite part is that it doesn’t look like a changing table and when we have no diapers to change we can take off the changing pad and use it as a piece of furniture. DSC_0418DSC_0410DSC_0322DSC_0288

I love it and I think Ford will too!

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  1. Love the decorating and the re-purposing of the heirloom gun cabinet is genius. Love it!! How sweet that you can check in on your baby whenever you want and keep a record of it.

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