Outdoor Days

Now that it’s warm outside again, if we don’t spend most of our day outside, I feel like the day was a waste. We’ve been swimming, taking golf cart rides, and basking in the sun. The other day I took some family picture for my brother and the boys were running around (supervised) in this field by my Grandma’s house while we took them. I’m so glad I had a second to turn around a snap a few pictures of them playing too. And yes, Rhett has been rocking a man-bun. I can’t bring myself to cut his hair and I keep telling myself when it’s a little longer it won’t get in his face as much, but until then, man-bun it is haha.DSC_2648DSC_2681DSC_2677DSC_2689DSC_2628coDSC_2663coDSC_2703DSC_2736DSC_2745DSC_2760

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