Summer Swimming

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We’ve been going to the lake and the pool almost everyday lately, so I thought I’d update my post about teaching the boys to swim.

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Ford is loving the pool! Not only does he loves to float around in his SwimWays Baby Spring Float, but we play Ring Around the Rosie and go under and he loves it! He’ll even let us glide him under the water to each other. I love having his float with us because he can play in it and it’s really secure where even my wiggly boy doesn’t even come close to falling out of it. When it’s time for us to leave the pool, he always leans over my shoulder and tries to reach back for the pool. I love having kids who love the water so much!Swimways (2)Swimways (6)

Rhett can swim independently in his life jacket and isn’t afraid of the water at all. He does like swimming without his life jacket but he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of kicking his legs yet, although he is more than happy to jump in to you and sink. He does do “supermans” from the stairs to me and likes to try to swim. His wild-child personality basically translates itself in the pool to him not listening to anything I say and proceeding to jump in constantly. We definitely need to get this one swimming well, or at least good enough to get to the side by himself since he gets so crazy in the pool! Last time we went swimming, I was throwing him in as high as I could go and he loved it!


Sawyer has been AWESOME this year in the water. I always say that I wish our kids could just stay little and not grow up, but seeing him learn to swim and have so much fun with bigger kid things gives me hope that I won’t melt into tears everyday as these boys grow up. He got the hang of swimming really quickly, and even though he’s still having trouble treading water and getting his head up to take breaths, he can easily jump off the diving board and swim to me about six feet away with no problem and swim around the shallow end. I don’t even bring a life jacket for him at the pool anymore although if it was a public pool I might take one, just because there are so many kids around and I don’t want to risk something happening. Nothing is better than parental supervision, but thank goodness for floats being able to help when we need it, plus he loves being able to go anywhere and do anything. At the lake he does wear his life jacket all the time since it’s much deeper and we’re on the boat most of the time. At the pool, we’ve been working on flipping over and floating when he gets tired and on trying to get that head up so he can swim farther distances. I want to make sure that my kids can swim not only because it’s fun, but also because it’s so important to equip them with those safety skills.Swimways (4)

We’ve been going to the pool as much as possible lately, especially in this high 90’s weather, and we try to get to the lake as much as possible too! We’ve been taking our Swim Ways Baby Spring Float back and forth with us but my friend whose pool we swim at bought one too, so now we’ve got one each place to use! The next time we head down to Florida, we’ll take it with us too. It flattens down flat into this really easy to take with little pack that doesn’t really take up any space, so it’s really convenient for having at the hotel pool! Even the canopy packs up flat into the little carrier, and thank goodness for the canopy because Ford is by far our palest child, and so I worry that he’s going to get sun burned easily. Knock on wood, but not one of our kids have gotten a sunburn yet, and with the amount of time we spend in the outside (basically, everyday, as much as possible), it’s not always easy to keep them sunscreened and get them in the shade sometimes, so having a shade on his float was so important to me!

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