My boys, but particularly Rhett, love Tractors. It seems to be just part of the male DNA to like large, metal outdoor equipment. When we see any kind of tractor, excavator, backhoe, etc, the boys both yell it out and try and get me to pull over so they can stare at it for awhile. In the Spring, we went to visit my Uncle who has a small farm and the boys got to get turns riding his tractor. It was a day in Heaven for them. Rhett at one point sat in the loader and said “Scoop dump Rhett?” So B lifted him up (safely) in the loader. It’s been a few months but I was looking back through pictures and it made me so happy to remember how giggly and excited they were to spend time on a tractor. DSC_6867DSC_6903

My Uncles farm is one part funky décor/ “lawn ornaments” that are pieces of his life that have been strewn about around the property but look super cool and one part man-cave turned farm. He’s got old metal signs from his parents old general store from the 50’s, Citrus signs from the Orange groves my aunt ran, cool leather horse saddles, Native American gifts from his friends in the nearby tribe, and some really neat animals running around like an albino peacock and mane-coon cat. I think every time I’ve been there there have been different animals. including pigs, parrots, chickens, cows, donkeys, horses, possums, cats, dog, bats, owls, alligators, and more. Lately he’s been putting out feed for whatever wants to come see him and around 8 o’clock every night there’s basically a free animal show of raccoons, possums, deer, cats, dogs, peacocks, bats, and just about any other Florida animal you can think of, including late night visits from a coyote (no, thanks). DSC_7206

My Uncle has done about 50 different jobs in his life time (including being in the Army, a tugboat captain, semi-truck driver, farmer, mechanic, painter. Basically if you can name it, he’s either done it professionally or as a hobby)  and can tell some pretty good stories so I consider it an honor when I can sit on his porch swing (which I broke while I was there. Time to lose the baby-weight) and chat with him for awhile. The boys were more interested in the tractor than visiting, so I was glad B could come and drive them around while I visited.DSC_6932DSC_6949DSC_6967DSC_7047DSC_6999DSC_7011DSC_7289DSC_7284

Being on a farm in the middle-of-nowhere always reminds me how much I want to live out in the country. We bought our house where we did because it’s so close to family and is in such a good school district (The year I graduated from High School they were name the #4 public school in the whole country) but both of us feel so pulled towards the farm life and living in the country. Deep down I think that’s where we would be happiest and I often wonder if we should step out on that limb and just go for it. I guess only time will tell, but if I want my dream of having a miniature donkey to come true we’re going to have to move to at least a bigger piece of land where we are. Goodness knows my life wouldn’t be complete without a miniature donkey in it, plus, my husband looks great on a tractor 😉DSC_7277

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  1. How fun, it looks like everyone enjoyed the farm. Have you ever thought about goats, baby ones are so cute. You could learn to make goat cheese and sell it at the farmers market.

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