Labor Day Adventures



This years Labor Day was beautiful. We went to the lake as usual, did all the boating, swimming, and hot dog eating that we could take, but my favorite morning was Monday. Sawyer had been asking to go to the waterfall, which is a series of small waterfalls in a creek that we get to on the fourwheeler. We hadn’t been in a long time since it’s hard to go with the baby, but my Mom offered to watch him and so while the guys were still out fishing, Sawyer, Rhett and I headed out into the crisp morning to go explore.

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We headed down gravel roads, paved roads, dirt roads, and trails in the woods over to the waterfall.


A beautiful swimming hole on one side, and sloping waterfalls on the other. The boys were free to climb, swim, dig, do what ever they wanted. I just followed around and joined in on whatever they invited me to.


Rhett carried around this old flashlight all day and used it like a telescope all day. One time when we were down there an entire family of otters came to play on the rocks. They slid down the waterfalls, wrestled each other, and were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. So I kept telling Rhett to keep an eye out for them, but we didn’t get to see them that day.


Once they got their fill of finding clam shells, sliding and just exploring, we took a ride around the farm country in that area. We saw old farms, barns, cows, donkeys, and made friends with this friendly horse who kept chasing us up and down the road.


I love looking past this old store as we go by too. Its surrounded by all kinds of neat things, I just wish I could go inside and see what else is inside!


It was so good for my soul to just be outside, exploring with my boys in the fresh air. I needed that morning. We had a lot of fun boating and being crazy that weekend, but that morning is one of those days that just stay in your mind forever. I hope they remember it forever too.aa

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