Freshening Up Family Night with Moe’s

This post is sponsored by Moe’s Southwest Grill; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Once a week, we have a family night. On those nights, we try to not have anything planned like big DIY projects, or play dates with friends. We try to go out or find an activity where we can spend time together as a family and have fun. Last week for family night we drove on the golf cart over to our locally owned Moe’s Southwest Grill. I swear I could eat Southwestern food every day of the week, but between the five of us, everyone seems to like something different. It’s important to me that everyone can find something they want to eat when we go out and Moe’s is great because their menu is simple enough that it’s easy to choose what to get, but with 22 fresh ingredients, each of us can customize it to what we like, which is saying something since young kids aren’t exactly known for being the best eaters.

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We’re always greeted with “Welcome to Moe’s” when we walk in the door, and Brandon and I like to order different thing and try each others. This time I got the Homewrecker burrito. It’s always filling enough that I can save some for lunch the next day and taste so fresh and flavorful.Moes Fresh Menu (9)

Our kids love the kids menu items. They loved their burritos, plus they get a treat at the end, which always makes family nights out feel extra special.

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One thing I love being able to customize your meal is that Brandon is usually trying to eat high protein, filling meals, and I’m usually looking for something lean and low-calorie, and at Moe’s we can each get exactly what we want. He loves their meats, which are always being made fresh so their hot and ready as you order.

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Can I give a shout-out to the salsa and guacamole? All of the ingredients are chopped, diced, and mixed fresh every day. Good thing it’s unlimited salsa, because we love to sit at the tables outside and eat chips and salsa while the kids play in the trees. Did you know that they flash fry their chips everyday? That’s why they taste so fresh and crispy.

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Here’s some bonus points for all you Moe’s lovers out there. Did you know that MOE’s stands for something? Head over to their website here to find out and to find a Moe’s near you! (I’ll give you a hint: it’s part of why their menu items all have really cool names).

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