Late in the summer, we took a long trip out to Utah to visit my husband’s extended family and have some quick visits with my brothers who we had seen a few weeks prior. It was fun getting to see every one we hadn’t seen in so long, and to take our kids to some of the places that my husband remembers visiting as a kid. We spent a few days up towards Salt Lake, but most of our time in St George and out on his family’s ranch which was amazing, but I’m going to share those pictures for their own post because there are so many. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our days leading up to the ranch.

In college I almost majored in Geology. I loved studying rock formation and how they came to look like they do now. I can’t get enough of it, and I think everyone had to sit through more than enough of my excited rambling over rock layers as we drove around the state of Utah (it’s just so fascinating! So many visible rock formations and changes!!!)

This is one of two equally awesome smiles Ford will do when you say “cheese.” I really hope he still smiles like this when he gets to Kindergarten.

My husband’s uncle has just about the coolest pool we’ve ever been in. It was the boys favorite part of St. George!


Just a quick quad ride away from his house are more rock formations as far as the eye can see-


We also got to spend time with my husband’s grandparents, who are so cool. I love getting to listen to them and their stories and just visit with them.
We’re really good at group photos if you can’t tell :). Look out for the pictures from their ranch soon!

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