Still Falling

When we bought our house we got lucky that we already knew most of the neighbors and they were awesome. With the upswing of the market and the usual couple of job relocations, we’ve had some new families move in over the last year. 1

The other day my boys and I were out in the front yard when two boys rode up and asked if they could help us rake the leaves in our yard. They came back a few minutes later with rakes and trash bags and got to work. A few minutes later the neighborhood girls who are a little younger ran over offering to help too and came back a few minute later with rakes and started raking as close to the boys as middle school awkwardness allows.Finalco_7Finalco_3

Those kids cleaned up our whole yard, let my boys follow them around like baby chicks, and made them a big leaf pile to jump in. I’m always so grateful when my boys have fun older kids to set good examples for them and who are kind hearted and let them feel like they are one of the big kids.Finalco_17Finalco_19Finalco_8Finalco_16

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