Snow Day 2018

It’s not uncommon for us to wear shorts in the winter and flip flops on New Years, but this year has been so cold for us Southerners. Last year I never even touched the bin in the basement where I keep the boys big puffy coats and all the scarves and hats, but this year we have needed them on a daily basis. As much as most of us in the deep south despise being cold, occasionally, every few years, we get a few hours of “Devils’ Dandruff” (name that hilarious SNL skit) and make as many slushy snowmen and icy snow balls as we can.

Georgia Snow Day (2)

This was the first time that Rhett and Ford have ever seen real snow and probably Sawyer’s first time that he actually remembers (I think he was 1 1/2 last time it snowed), so seeing their little faces light up when they looked out the window in the morning was adorable.
Georgia Snow Day (1)

Snow doesn’t last long here, so we had about four hours to sled, make snowmen, break ice, and have as many snowball fights as we could. It was a fun while it lasted!

Georgia Snow Day (7)Georgia Snow Day (9)Georgia Snow Day (10)Georgia Snow Day (13)c

I wish I had been able to get better photos of Shelby running in the snow, she loved it.

Georgia Snow Day (12)

As you can see by our use of gardening gloves, we don’t exactly keep winter clothes in stock around here.

Georgia Snow Day (8)

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