Family Home Evening Frog

Once a week, we try to have a night that is set aside to spend together as a family. We call it “Family Home Evening” and base it off the suggested structure our church gives here, starting and ending with prayer, having time to go over what activities our family has coming up, and then having a lesson about Christ or a gospel topic and then doing some kind of activity or game together. Even though our kids are young and not off at their own activities every night, we still get busy and having a night set aside that is designated to be together ensures we get intentional quality time together and gives us another opportunity to teach our kids the gospel of Jesus Christ and opens the door for continued gospel related discussions in our home. Our boys are little, so most of the time they are bouncing around and a little silly, but I always try and make the lesson really fun so they will want to participate and we usually have a treat afterwards. DSC_4409crecolo

A few weeks ago, we invited my husbands Uncle who is here from Canada to come over for dinner and Family Home Evening and he offered to teach the lesson. To teach his lesson, he brought a dead frog in a jar to help teach his point (which had to do with resurrection). He also shared some really cool videos about frogs that can be frozen but come back to life when they thaw out. It was really neat and the perfect lesson for three little boys.


Of course, no lesson since has been nearly as exciting, and every time we see Uncle Jerry they ask him if he remembers the Family Home Evening Frog.

I think I’ll do some post this year sharing some of the lessons we have done for FHE that my kids have loved. With little ones, the lesson can either be the worst part, or the best part, and we’ve come up with some really fun ways to make the lesson their favorite part (like teaching them Daniel and the Lions Den by “throwing” them to the lion- our big fluffly golden doodle who licks them nicely 🙂