Third First Birthday!

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It is our third kid’s first birthday this week. I’ve said before that I feel like I’m a good Mom, but I’m way better at the whole toddler phase than the infant baby/phase, (so yay for making it through another infant-hood) and yet, I’m sad to see Ford growing up so fast and becoming so much more independent. Yes, it’s nice having him sleep through the night and not having to carry him everywhere anymore, but I miss those days when he was so tiny and curled up on me in a little ball, and I can’t believe that they are gone already. Frequently, I ask myself, “Why in the world did I think having three kids this close together was a good idea?” and then I see a tiny baby and remember why. Having my third baby, you’d think that I already knew everything there was to know, but, nope, Ford has taught me a lot, and he’s been a lot of fun. He walked at nine months, way earlier than my other two, and he thinks it’s funny to tackle his brothers (much to their horror or happiness, depending on what they were doing before getting tackled).Water Wipes (3)

We kicked off Ford’s birthday week by going to the Farmer’s Market in our town and getting some fresh food truck donuts. Donuts are healthy when they come from the Farmer’s Market. The nearby fruits and veggies transmit healthy vibes and the donuts soak it all in. Just kidding, I don’t need fake excuses to down delicious donuts.Water Wipes (13)Water Wipes (11)

Ford loved his, and so did the boys. Luckily, one of the awesome products I’ve learned about on my third kid (I don’t know why I didn’t know about these sooner), is WaterWipes! I always wondered why baby wipes had to be full of chemicals and other yucky things, but WaterWipes are 99.9% pure Irish water, and 1% grapefruit seed extract. Makes sense, why would you need anything else? Ford has really sensitive skin, and I can use these wipes on his bum or, like I did at the Farmer’s Market, use them to get all kinds of mess off of his face and little hands, and it won’t bother his skin at all. Ford is so busy these days and I swear he is always dirty. Even if he just got out of the bath, it only takes him about 2 seconds to walk to the bathroom cabinet and find something to pour out onto himself. Thank goodness for WaterWipes, or I’d have to be giving him a bath every hour! (Keep reading because there’s a giveaway below!)Water Wipes (15)

Because I want all of you to get to experience the awesome-ness that is WaterWipes, I’m joining in on a giveaway of 5 $100 Walgreens gift cards. WaterWipes have been super popular in Europe and now Walgreens has brought them to the States, I have been able to find them right there with the rest of the baby wipes when I run in to grab milk. Enter to win in the widget below!2016-09-29 12.10.44 1

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Father’s Day

Alright, I keep trying to hold off on sharing what we got B for Father’s Day, but I’m so excited to share what the boys and I made him.

My husband gives up so much so that he can serve our country. I know how much it means to him if he’s willing to sacrifice time with our boys. They are his whole world. For Father’s Day, I wanted to give him something  personal that he can take with him when he is away from us. When he’s gone he doesn’t always have a phone or computer so I wanted to make something special for him that he can take with him. One day I borrowed his Army uniform from his closet and took the boys out to snap some adorable pictures of them in his uniform. I had been wanting to get some professional pictures of them in his uniform but I knew I could do it myself if I prepared enough. I tried to get a good one of each boy and of all three together. It isn’t perfect but it’s them!

Army kids in dads uniform (6)Army kids in dads uniformfixedArmy kids in dads uniform (5)Fixed

You can’t tell me that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!

Army kids in dads uniform (1) fixed

B is the best Dad. He’s so involved and I know he misses me when he’s gone, but I think he misses those boys even more. They grow and change so fast. I went to Snapfish and looked for something he can easily pack and take with him when he’s away so he can always have these pictures and his boys with him. I decided to make him a blanket with their pictures on it.onefixed

Snapfish had all kinds of Embellishments templates and phrases that it made it really easy to make something really cute. When it came, I was so impressed with how well made it was and it’s big! I wanted to make sure to get something that he could sleep under when he’s staying in the barracks and even though this is their smallest size, it’s plenty big enough for a grown man (at least I think it is haha). I also wanted to get him something he can put up in his room or hotel when he’s gone for a long time. I took one of my favorite pictures of the boys with their Dad and ordered it on an aluminum print. I figured that’d be strong enough to withstand plane trips and thrown bags. I added a poem on top letting him know we’ll be with him anywhere he is, no matter what, we’re always supporting him.DSC_7808

Since B and I are the worst at surprising each other, I wrapped it right away so he wouldn’t find it. The boys helped me find it and then I let them decorate the outside. I taped off the word “Dad” and let them go to town coloring it. Make sure if you do this, that you use washi tape so it will peel off easily in the end!DSC_7834DSC_7850

Once they were done going to town, I peeled off the tape and wa-la! Personalized wrapping paper made by the boys themselves. DSC_7855

Personalized gifts are a great way to reward the Dads in your life for the amazing things they do. Dads today are fun and deserve gifts are inspirational as they are! Check out Snapfish’s whole collection here, and you can enter below to win one of 35 $50 gift cards to their website so you can make the perfect gift or something special to keep for yourself!


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Great Gear for New Moms

Thank you to on behalf of Single Edition Media for sponsoring this fun Mother’s Day post!

With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, I thought it would be a fun time to share some great baby products  with/for the mommas of the world. What a better way thing to give one of your favorite mom’s celebrating their first Mother’s Day than a collection of great products for them and baby! Babbleboxx was kind enough to send me these awesome items to show you how great they are and make sure you know about them.

First, the items for the babies! DSC_2487

First up are a classic, Gerber® Onesies®! My boys wear these all the time as babies, under their clothes for layering, as outfits with little pants, and the bodysuits look great alone for just pretty neutral pictures too. They have tons of long and short sleeve with cute designs too and I always keep one in my bag for those ‘just in case’ scenarios.DSC_2508

A few great new products on the market for pampering baby are the Nourishing Naturals line by Sesame Street Bath Products. They are naturally derived so you can feel safe using them on baby. My big boys love the bubbles and body wash which are made for them to be able to pour themselves. I love the Cheek Balm for Ford, he is my most sensitive skinned baby so far and it’s so nice having natural products to protect his sweet skin from the wind and elements when we are out and about!DSC_2514DSC_2487

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. This is one of my favorite gifts to give at baby showers- partially because it’s an awesome product that we use on our kids and every Mom should know about, and partially because it’s funny to hear people say “butt paste.” Mature, I know. If you have kids, I’m sure you’ve used this yourself and know how well it works, George Boudreaux knew what he was doing when he made butt paste. If you haven’t used it, get it now so your sweet little baby doesn’t have to suffer when they get diaper rash! It comes in three formulas- Classic, Maximum Strength, and All Natural. They all kick diaper rashes trash and protect baby’s skin. It’s fasting acting (aka less crying from baby!) and starts healing on contact.

Now for the Mommas! I feel like Moms so easily give all the attention to their kids and we tend to forget to take care or treat ourselves, here are some of my favorite Mom products that any new mom would be happy to get! DSC_2536

FujiFilm Instax Mini 70- I have been an Instax fan for years and have documented so many adorable moments with my boys, fun trips, and crazy moments with my friends on the credit-card-sized photos. I have albums of them stored that we loved to look at, and a board in my living room where we clip up the new ones we’ve taken and keep up our old favorites. I love love love the magic behind being able to take a picture and then hold a real photo in my hand moments later and I love the small size, perfect for keeping in my diaper bag or grabbing on-the-go. I am loving all the new changes they made to the mini cameras. They now feature a selfie mirror which is genius because I wasted so many photos in the past taking selfies and missing the mark completely or having the wrong settings. I know for us mo’s, it’s either we take a selfie or no photo will exsist of us with our baby, ever! We always seem to be the ones behind the camera. Instax is fun and easy for making unique crafts for baby’s room and keepsakes. The new Mini 70 comes in Canary Yellow, Moon White, and Island Blue (like mine) and film is sold separately in double packs.DSC_2586DSC_2594

Arm & Hammer True radiance. If you’re a mom, I know you’ve had days where it’s lunch time and you haven’t even had a moment to brush your teeth. I know I’ve been there, and I know I never have time anymore for focusing on myself long enough for whitening my teeth. Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh not only deep cleans your teeth but freshens breath with spearmint and starts whitening immediately!DSC_2598

Stretch marks. That outward sign of the beauty of carrying our babies in us for nine months, that none of us want to show. Mustela has come out with an awesome Stretch Mark Prevention that can be used during pregnancy, and after to prevent stretch marks and reduce the look of any you may have gotten. What mom would not appreciate being given that? The Stretch Mark Crème has even been clinically proven for efficacy which is awesome because goodness knows someone could probably suggest you an oil or some crazy concoction of something for stretch marks, but this actually works! They also are now selling anti-itch products and body and bust firming products. It’s like they read our Momma minds! Mustela is even offering 20% off your entire purchase at using the code MustelaBabbleBox through May 15th!


These could make an awesome gift or products to throw in a bag for a little spontaneous get away! Onesies, baby bath products (especially that cheek balm if you’re heading to the beach!), the Instax, some Stretch Mark Cream, and toothpaste and you’re good to go! Oh- and don’t forget the butt paste! Memories will be ready to be made!

Christmas Gift Guide For Toddler Boys

I know Christmas isn’t just about the presents, but I do LOVE Christmas shopping. For my kids, for my husband, for the mail man. I just love trying to find someone the perfect gift, the gift they need but don’t even know it. I’ve had so much fun deciding what to get my boys for Christmas this year, and made up a fun inspiration board with my favorites for Sawyer this year. He isn’t getting all these things, but any of these would make for a happy happy Christmas morning. Sources for all the items are listed below.

Toddler Christmas Ideas boy gifts 2014

Clockwise from top left / Acoustic Guitar – Macys / Toy Camera – Bloom Theory / Tribal Teepee – Neiman Marcus / Ride on Excavator – Land of Nod / Stick Horse, Chambray Shirt, and Tribal Leggings – EwMcall Etsy Shop / Woodland Neckerchief – Haberdashery / Tattoos – A Little Bundle / Fisher-Price Classics Record Player – Kohls / Robot Nesting Dolls – Land of Nod / Woodland Dinner Set – LoveMae Store  / Scooter – Kohls (I plan on getting one at Target on black Friday, they’re on sale for $20)

Check back for more gift guides this week!

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Big Brother, Little Brother Gift Ideas

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of really cute clothes and toys that would be fun for brothers. Here’s a curated collection of some my favorite coordinating boy things on the internet. I can already see my Sawyer and his new brother playing together in the teepee and playing with the fox and badger.

 Big brother little brother gift

sources: striped teepee for brother’s play time-land of nod / brother bear and baby bear tee and onesie- loved by hannah and eli / maileg fox and badger / photography to capture brother’s first days together- nat caron photography /