Redecorating Our DIY Floating Shelves for Fall

First off, let me say how BLOWN AWAY I have been with the response to Our Floating Shelves we built last year. That post has been viewed more than any post ever on my blog and has been repinned over 60,000 times. 60,000 of you love our shelves that much! Thank you!!! Fall Decor (2)

As we’ve been progressing in the shiplap project in the dining room/living room, eventually it came time to take the shelves down to add the shiplap behind them. I just finished putting it up, painting, and re-hanging the shelves last week and it only seemed fitting to redecorate them a little and add a few fall elements. As you can see, the wall isn’t even totally finished but I was so excited to get it decorated again. Thanks to At Home, I was able to take a little shopping spree and I fell in love with their assortment of fake pumpkins, especially the blue ones. My home décor doesn’t have a lot of oranges or red, so it’s hard to find Fall décor that matches, but I usually go for it anyways. When I saw these pumpkins, I had to have them.Fall Decor (5)Fall Decor (4)

Have you ever been to At Home? It can be seriously overwhelming in a good way when you first go in. Imagine Costco, but filled to the brim with Lawn Décor, Christmas Decorations, Lamps, Shelves, Faux Florals, Outdoor cushions, Rugs, Chairs, and so much more. I could spend all day (and all my bank account) there. I had seen these cute orbs in their Dorm Idea Lookbook and fell in love. I knew I had to fit them into my space somehow.Fall Decor (3)

That cute little bird cage on the right? At Home. I’m telling you, you can get anything you ever wanted there. On my way to the check-out I found this cute little print that I planned on putting in the boys room, but once I brought it home, I wanted to see it everyday. I love little reminders to deliberately choose happiness.Fall Decor (6)Fall Decor (9)Fall Decor (11)

Just ignore my primed wall and light switch that needs to be extended out a little 🙂 That milk jar on the bottom shelf, I’ve had since I was in High School. I always loved antiques and country-esque items and when I was up in my parents attic one day, I found a whole collection of really neat jars that my Mom had kept. I promptly stole this one and have never given it back. The scale next to it was probably the first home décor item I bought after Brandon and I got married and is still one of my favorite pieces in the house.

I got a bunch more really cute Home items at At Home, I can’t wait to share them with you in the other spaces I put them!

Standout Watch Style

So my last style post was all about style for the kids, now it’s time to focus on us Mommas (and Dads)! Thanks to JORD watches, I was able to treat myself to a little back-to-school season refresh with one of their amazing wood watches. Just go to their website, you’ll see what I’m talking about. So many pretty, natural woods and gorgeous watch faces. I have always liked watches but didn’t think they fitted my “vibe” until I saw these. Most women’s watches are so…boring. I love the look of these. These watches make a statement without being over the top. They represent gorgeous quality and stand out in a fast paced world of cheap novelty accessories. I love that they evoke a feeling of being outdoors and connecting with nature and turn away from the ease of just checking the time on our phones.Wood Watch (4)

I mean, they are absolutely beautiful and unique. Definitely not what you see everyone wearing and yet they are perfect for everyone. They’d make an amazing gift, especially with the holidays coming up and there is always that one person that is impossible to buy for!Wood Watch (3)Wood Watch (1)Wood Watch (2)

I’m sporting the Frankie watch is Koa and Ash. I love the warm wood color and neutral watch face. I love that it literally matches everything in my wardrobe, and all of my jewelry, both golds and silvers. We’ve decided to join a pre-school co-op where each Mom takes a turn teaching twice a week so maybe having a watch will help me to be on my game and manage my time! This will be a good warm up for Kindergarten next year. I am seriously dreading getting up early to get kids on the bus at 7.

Yall definitely need to head to the JORD watches webstie and see the beautiful variety of womens and mens watches and what’s even better is JORD is giving away a $75 e-gift code to one of my readers to use on their website AND any you get a $20 coupon just for entering, so no one loses! Just head to the link here for the super easy giveaway sign-up! Good luck!

This post was sponsored by Jord Watches.

Cool Watches

How to Frame a Hatch Show Print

Any country music lover out there? Being a huge country music fan myself, I have collected a few Hatch Show Prints over the years (If you don’t know what that is, google it. They are a staple in country music history). Because they aren’t a standard photo or poster size, there are no frames that they fit in. I had looked into having one custom made, but it was expensive and didn’t really fit the vibe anyways.

After seeing some vintage school maps in an antique store, I got inspired to hang them myself, simply using some scrap 1X2’s and a staple gun. It was super easy, and would cute with any artwork. The best part is total cost for all of the supplies was less than 10 dollars. Here’s how I did it!-how to hang a hatch show print

Supplies: 1X2’s- I cut them long enough to have a 1/2 inch overhang on each side, Wood stain for if you want to stain them, string, staples, and a stapler gun.

First step: Cut your board to size. Like I said, I wanted mine to over hang about a half an inch on each side. If you don’t own a saw, Home Depot or Lowe’s will cut the boards for you while you’re there.

Second step: Stain them! I stained my “provincial” by MinWax. Painting would be pretty too!

hatch show print diy (5)
Step three: Take your print and decide where you’ll want it to hang on the boards. Measure that space and mark it three times across the back of the paper. Draw a straight line through them, and this is where the board will cover your paper on the front.hatch show print diy (6)

Step four: Line the edges of your board with the line you just drew, and staple in the middle. Staple once on each side. Repeat step three and four with the other board.
hatch show print diy (4)

Step six: Grab your string and cut it to you desired length.  I made mine about four inches shorter than my top board, knowing that the weight of the picture would pull it down to be visible. Staple it taut across your top board, as close to the top edge as you can. If you feel like the string is going to pull out of your staple, tie the loose end twice around the staple.

You’re done! Now you have a gorgeous and cute piece of art to hang anywhere in your house!
There are so many possibilities of what you could hang like this, from handkerchiefs, to canvases or pictures or big posters. You could even hang a quilt on the wall like this if you made sure to use enough staples, and maybe a 1X4 instead of 1X2. If you make one, tag me on instagram so I can see it! I love seeing what yall create and how you put your own ideas into things!
diy hanging art


Guest Bedroom Reveal and Macy’s Global Goods Campaign

For this post, I received product from Macy’s via Everywhere Agency; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.Macys Global Good  (6)

When decorating our guest bedroom, I wanted more than anything else, for it to be a place that felt welcoming and warm. Somewhere where anyone who stayed with us, whether overnight or for a long time would know that the welcome never wears off in our house and that they can be themselves here. Before even buying our home, Brandon and I had talked about how we wanted to have guest and friends stay with us as much as possible, and I wanted people to feel that in this room. Growing up, we both had big families and had extended family come to visit regularly, and there are no better memories with cousins or friends than those of staying up late, sitting around talking and laughing together. We each plenty of friends or siblings friends who stayed over at our homes often enough that they had laundry piles (mostly my brother who used to sleep at Brandon’s house all the time as a kid), and cousins who stayed for months, or years, and we wanted our family to know that they are always welcome here. Macys Global Good  (16)

My main request when planning furniture for this room, knowing full well that a guest bedroom would not be on the top of our priority list when we moved in last year, but still wanting it to be nice, was that I really wanted either a queen sized bed or a futon that would fold out into a full/queen bed. Most of our siblings are married and I wanted them to have somewhere to stay and not sleep on the floor if we could avoid it. I already knew we were super blessed to even afford a first home, and on top of that, one that had a guest bedroom so I knew I was pushing my luck, but as it worked out, a few weeks after moving in, my brother got a bigger bed and we inherited their old set, including all of the rails. Unfortunately they were missing all the casters off the bottom so it sat really low, but just a few of those bed risers from the store, and it was not only a great height for guest, but it was tall enough to store a bunch of boxes of random stuff I couldn’t place yet and a pack and play for our guest who have babies.Macys Global Good  (20)

The beautiful throw that is on the bed, holds a lot of meaning. When I see it it reminds me of that same desire we had to welcome our home to others, to serve others and always be open to anyone in need. It comes from Macy’s Global Goods line (which in online exclusive), which is a line of products crafted by artist around the world, artist in need of opportunities and it encourages them to preserve their heritage and history while making a better life for themselves. Their wool blankets, like this one, are made in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America, with almost half of the population being under the poverty line. The Global Goods campaign allows people in native villages to work where they are from, weaving using the same techniques passed down through generations and allows them to stay where their families are, rather than migrating to find work. Over 200 people work on this blanket initiative alone. It’s an amazing project and Macy’s carries all of the products made around the world, as “gifts that give hope.” It is so heart-warming and inspiring to think of the good that it does, and I am reminded of it when I see it in my guest room, the room in my home that reminds me to open my doors and share some of what I have been so blessed with. Like I’ve said before, I want my home to be a collected, not decorated, and to be collected with things that have meaning to me, such as this blanket. It doesn’t hurt that the blanket is absolutely gorgeous. The hand weaving and stitching is beyond beautiful, I can’t even imagine making something that beautiful with my own hands. It would also make a beautiful gift for someone you know who is always giving to others.Macys Global Good  (19)Macys Global Good  (17)

Speaking of making things with my own hands, on the wall next to the bed, is a replica antique tobacco basket, that isn’t nearly as beautiful as the baskets made in the Global Goods campaign, but I love it because I made it. I had seen so many beautiful ones in antique shops and on blogs and decided to try my hand at making one myself, it has a little tweaking left to fix, but I love it. (P.S. I stapled it to the wall. I wasn’t sure how to hang it and it’s really light weight, so I just went for it. Don’t tell).
Macys Global Good  (7)Macys Global Good  (4)Macys Global Good  (9)

I try to keep lots of pillows on the bed in here, even though my kids frequently come and steal them for forts or claim them as more pillows for their own beds. A lot of our friends and families have lots of little ones who come with, and the one thing there never seems to be enough of is pillows. We’re always running out, so I pick up a few when I remember to and pilling them on every bed, just in case and hope that it works out.

Macys Global Good  (13)

I bought this cotton wreath last year when we moved in and just never have found the perfect place for it. I brought it to the guest bedroom to see if I could find somewhere to hang it, set it on the bed, and when I walked back in, I loved the way it looked against the pillows. Nothing says “Welcome to the South” like a wreath of cotton bolls.Macys Global Good  (11)

The clock on the wall behind the bed is another hand-made item. This one was a Christmas gift from my Brother-in-law and his wife, so we love it of course. I love the way the warm wood pops agaisnt the gray color. Speaking of the which, I wish that I could share with you what paint color is because it is the first gray I have found that I love but it was really just the product of me dumping a couple cans of leftover paint into a can of what I thought was white but turned out to be slightly pink paint until I got a color I liked! One day I’ll take a sample of it to the home store to get it color matched so I can tell yall! I like it so much, I’ve been considering painting our bedroom the same color.

Macys Global Good  (3)Macys Global Good  (9)Macys Global Good  (16)Macys Global Good  (5)

I hope you love our guest bedroom and that it gives you that feel of being welcome and relaxed. Don’t forget to head to Macys Global Goods to find that beautiful throw blanket and other beautiful products that give back to the world while making your home a more beautiful place!

Back To School With Mini Boden

This post was sponsored by Boden as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Boden (16)

Our neighborhood has been buzzing lately with kids coming back in town and everyone getting ready for back-to-school season! My favorite part of starting back at school was always back-to-school clothes shopping. It was so fun to get to pick out new clothes and outfits (with my Moms help, of course). One of my favorite places to shop for my own boys back to school season clothes is Boden. Their Mini Boden line has tons of clothes that are stylish but also comfy. I let Sawyer help me shop online for what he thought looked cool, and it was easy to let him pick what he wanted from their site since everything in their Mini Boden collection is kid-friendly: easy to wash, durable, no tags, and super comfy, plus they offer worry-free shipping and returns on purchases over $49. You know when you see those kids who just look super-cool? Their probably wearing Mini Boden. If you have a daughter, you seriously need to check out their adorable spins on classic kids clothes like rabbit embroidered skirts and fun patterned swing dresses. I can’t even browse their girls section because it makes me want a daughter so bad! I’ll just spoil my friends daughters for now, but at least they have so many cool clothes to offer for the boys too! Bright, fun shirts, handsome button-ups, cool shoes, and a huge selection of jeans make it a one stop shop for finding stylish boy clothes, which all moms of boys know is not always easy.

Boden (3)Boden (2)

Some of their best selling items for Back to School season are their t-shirts. Sawyer loves how comfy t-shirts are but hates when they are scratchy or have tags. He hasn’t complain a single day that he had this cute raglan tee on. I love how bright and fun it looks and goes great with his new jeans and shoes. Their jean collection is super durable and really comfy (they feel as soft as my jeggings). He’s wearing the slim fit, and they also carry straight leg, skinny, and cargos all in cool-looking washes. One of my favorite things is that even though he’s wearing jeans (which I prefer since they stand up to all his outdoor exploring) they are soft enough that he can move and play without feeling restricted.

Boden (15)Boden (11)Boden (5)Boden (12)

Are those high-tops not the cutest? Sawyer is ready to go for back to school! Even though we are doing pre-school at home this year, we have tons of fun trips and outdoor learning planned. The other day he wore these clothes out on our playground and got super dirty, and they washed great and look as good as new- even the Georgia red clay stains came out with one wash and no stain remover (for those who aren’t familiar with the dirt down here, it is impossible to get out and has ruined wayyy too many of my kids clothes!).

Lucky for us awesome Mini Boden fans, a few other bloggers and I are hosting a contest for the new Mini Boden back to school line in which you can enter to win one of three $500 Boden gift cards! You can enter in the widget below, it closes on August 22 AND all of the links in this post to Boden’s website also give you a chance to get a 25% off coupon! I-C will randomly select 3 winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes.

#BacktoSchoolwithBoden Giveaway