Labor Day Adventures



This years Labor Day was beautiful. We went to the lake as usual, did all the boating, swimming, and hot dog eating that we could take, but my favorite morning was Monday. Sawyer had been asking to go to the waterfall, which is a series of small waterfalls in a creek that we get to on the fourwheeler. We hadn’t been in a long time since it’s hard to go with the baby, but my Mom offered to watch him and so while the guys were still out fishing, Sawyer, Rhett and I headed out into the crisp morning to go explore.

2016-09-05 11.28.26 1

We headed down gravel roads, paved roads, dirt roads, and trails in the woods over to the waterfall.


A beautiful swimming hole on one side, and sloping waterfalls on the other. The boys were free to climb, swim, dig, do what ever they wanted. I just followed around and joined in on whatever they invited me to.


Rhett carried around this old flashlight all day and used it like a telescope all day. One time when we were down there an entire family of otters came to play on the rocks. They slid down the waterfalls, wrestled each other, and were the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. So I kept telling Rhett to keep an eye out for them, but we didn’t get to see them that day.


Once they got their fill of finding clam shells, sliding and just exploring, we took a ride around the farm country in that area. We saw old farms, barns, cows, donkeys, and made friends with this friendly horse who kept chasing us up and down the road.


I love looking past this old store as we go by too. Its surrounded by all kinds of neat things, I just wish I could go inside and see what else is inside!


It was so good for my soul to just be outside, exploring with my boys in the fresh air. I needed that morning. We had a lot of fun boating and being crazy that weekend, but that morning is one of those days that just stay in your mind forever. I hope they remember it forever too.aa

A Print Giveaway!

So I have a confession. I am a print hoarder. I screenshot ones I love and want to buy, I buy ones I love when they go on sale, and I have stacks of them around the house just waiting for the perfect frame and perfect place to hang.

While I was gathering ideas for the boys room (you can see my inspiration board I made here), I kept coming across lots of cool adventure prints but couldn’t find any that were just the right fit. I just knew I wanted something that sounded fun and outdoorsy. I really want my boys to have a desire to be outside and to have fun and explore the world.


I got an email one day from sharing with me some of their awesome prints they have for sale, and fell in love with their posters and throw pillows. They so nicely sent me on of my favorites, a poster that says “Not All Who Wandered Are Lost.” As a kid who spent a lot of time in the woods wandering, I loved it and knew it’d be perfect in the boys room.
2016-09-16 10.42.55 1

I love the pretty fonts and how it looks on this frame I had already put up but wasn’t sure what to put on that cute little clip. Hopefully as my boys grow, it will remind them to get out and explore!

Because I love you, and because PastelTrail is awesome, they are going to give one of my readers a free print! The giveaway runs through October 1st and is open to ALL my readers, both US and international. Enter in the Widget below, go check out their really cute pillows and posters, and good luck! Next week you can look forward to the reveal of my boys whole room, I think you’re going to love it!

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How To Make Giant Pumpkins From Tablecloths

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ProtectYourEverything #CollectiveBiasEasy DIY Fabric Pumpkin

Don’t you love when you’re working on something and get a stroke of genius? I have been obsessing over everyone’s pretty fabric pumpkins I see them sharing on Instagram, and decided to try my hand at my own. We don’t have a craft store in town, and so I was using some fabric napkins I’d picked up in the Dollar Section at Target. While I was working on it, I had the thought- since I’m cutting these into circles anyways, why not just start with something that’s a circle? Like a tablecloth! How cute would giant fabric pumpkins be? And off to the store I went! I am obsessed with these, and I hope you guys will love them too. They were super easy and only took me about five minutes to make all three and that’s with my three boys running around me too!

Fabric- A round tablecloth if you want to make a giant one, or fabric napkins of even kitchen towels for smaller ones
You won’t be cutting the tablecloth at all so if you want to use one you already have a take it apart after Halloween/Fall, you totally can!
Sticks that look like pumpkin stems
Filler (I used Target plastic bags in my little pumpkins and beach towels all in a trash bag in the big one)
Scotchgard™ Fabric & Upholstery Protector

DIY fabric pumpkin how to (1)

First- Once you’ve got all your cute supplies, lay out your tablecloth on the ground. If you are using a fabric napkin or kitchen towel, use two pencils tied together to draw a circle and cut it down to a circle OR trace a plate on the fabric and cut out the circle.DIY fabric pumpkin how to (2)

Step 2: Decide what you want to use as filling. Since I wasn’t cutting my tablecloth and plan on taking it apart after fall/Halloween, I filled mine with beach towels we won’t be using anytime soon. I put them all into a trash bag to avoid moisture/mold and turned it upside down to deter rain from getting in the bag even more. For my smaller pumpkins, I just bunched my Target shopping bags together and put them all inside one bag.
DIY fabric pumpkin how to (3)

Step 3: Chose a Pumpkin stem! Once you’ve picked out your stem, hold it on top of your filler and begin to bring the fabric up around the filler. I folded in the left and right sides and then gathered the top and bottom pieces.
DIY fabric pumpkin how to (4)DIY fabric pumpkin how to (5)

Step 4: While you hold the fabric around the stem, wrap twine around the top twice. From there, wrap it around the bottom of the pumpkin. You’re going to wrap it three times in the same place, and then move to a new area and wrap it again, so from the top it looks like pie slices. Once you’ve done three different “slices,” you can wrap the twine around the stem to secure the fabric at the top as many time as you want and tie it off. If you have any folds of fabric that are loose, tuck them in the twine that makes the “slices.” DSC_6267

Now you can smash it, move things around, and get it looking exactly the way you want!DIY fabric pumpkin how to (8)

Step 5: I didn’t want my pumpkins to get ruined being outside all fall, especially with all the rainfall we get, so I wanted to protect them with Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector. Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector repels liquids and blocks stains without changing the way the fabric feels or looks. I simply went over each pumpkin with two light coats, letting it dry in between. I love, love, love Scotchgard™; I even use it on my kids shoes to keep their feet from getting wet in the rain. It seriously works amazing, so now my cute little pumpkins will stay bright and dry all fall! You can get it at Target, which is awesome because you know you’re going to go there anyways, and here is a coupon for $2 off!DIY fabric pumpkin how to (17)

All done and ready to dress up your porch or shelf all fall! Once I put these outside, I was SO happy with how cute they look!DIY fabric pumpkin how to (15)DIY fabric pumpkin how to (12)
That little guy might be my favorite. He was once a kitchen towel, and now a happy pumpkin on my porch!
DIY fabric pumpkin how to (10)DIY fabric pumpkin how to (16)

I hope you love them as much as I do! I’d love to see any that y’all make and your cute Fall décor set-ups. Share them with me on Instagram! Also, Scotchgard™ has more awesome other project ideas on their website, check it out!, and don’t forget you can get it at Target in the laundry section!2016-09-15 01.07.22 2

Redecorating Our DIY Floating Shelves for Fall

First off, let me say how BLOWN AWAY I have been with the response to Our Floating Shelves we built last year. That post has been viewed more than any post ever on my blog and has been repinned over 60,000 times. 60,000 of you love our shelves that much! Thank you!!! Fall Decor (2)

As we’ve been progressing in the shiplap project in the dining room/living room, eventually it came time to take the shelves down to add the shiplap behind them. I just finished putting it up, painting, and re-hanging the shelves last week and it only seemed fitting to redecorate them a little and add a few fall elements. As you can see, the wall isn’t even totally finished but I was so excited to get it decorated again. Thanks to At Home, I was able to take a little shopping spree and I fell in love with their assortment of fake pumpkins, especially the blue ones. My home décor doesn’t have a lot of oranges or red, so it’s hard to find Fall décor that matches, but I usually go for it anyways. When I saw these pumpkins, I had to have them.Fall Decor (5)Fall Decor (4)

Have you ever been to At Home? It can be seriously overwhelming in a good way when you first go in. Imagine Costco, but filled to the brim with Lawn Décor, Christmas Decorations, Lamps, Shelves, Faux Florals, Outdoor cushions, Rugs, Chairs, and so much more. I could spend all day (and all my bank account) there. I had seen these cute orbs in their Dorm Idea Lookbook and fell in love. I knew I had to fit them into my space somehow.Fall Decor (3)

That cute little bird cage on the right? At Home. I’m telling you, you can get anything you ever wanted there. On my way to the check-out I found this cute little print that I planned on putting in the boys room, but once I brought it home, I wanted to see it everyday. I love little reminders to deliberately choose happiness.Fall Decor (6)Fall Decor (9)Fall Decor (11)

Just ignore my primed wall and light switch that needs to be extended out a little 🙂 That milk jar on the bottom shelf, I’ve had since I was in High School. I always loved antiques and country-esque items and when I was up in my parents attic one day, I found a whole collection of really neat jars that my Mom had kept. I promptly stole this one and have never given it back. The scale next to it was probably the first home décor item I bought after Brandon and I got married and is still one of my favorite pieces in the house.

I got a bunch more really cute Home items at At Home, I can’t wait to share them with you in the other spaces I put them!

Standout Watch Style

So my last style post was all about style for the kids, now it’s time to focus on us Mommas (and Dads)! Thanks to JORD watches, I was able to treat myself to a little back-to-school season refresh with one of their amazing wood watches. Just go to their website, you’ll see what I’m talking about. So many pretty, natural woods and gorgeous watch faces. I have always liked watches but didn’t think they fitted my “vibe” until I saw these. Most women’s watches are so…boring. I love the look of these. These watches make a statement without being over the top. They represent gorgeous quality and stand out in a fast paced world of cheap novelty accessories. I love that they evoke a feeling of being outdoors and connecting with nature and turn away from the ease of just checking the time on our phones.Wood Watch (4)

I mean, they are absolutely beautiful and unique. Definitely not what you see everyone wearing and yet they are perfect for everyone. They’d make an amazing gift, especially with the holidays coming up and there is always that one person that is impossible to buy for!Wood Watch (3)Wood Watch (1)Wood Watch (2)

I’m sporting the Frankie watch is Koa and Ash. I love the warm wood color and neutral watch face. I love that it literally matches everything in my wardrobe, and all of my jewelry, both golds and silvers. We’ve decided to join a pre-school co-op where each Mom takes a turn teaching twice a week so maybe having a watch will help me to be on my game and manage my time! This will be a good warm up for Kindergarten next year. I am seriously dreading getting up early to get kids on the bus at 7.

Yall definitely need to head to the JORD watches webstie and see the beautiful variety of womens and mens watches and what’s even better is JORD is giving away a $75 e-gift code to one of my readers to use on their website AND any you get a $20 coupon just for entering, so no one loses! Just head to the link here for the super easy giveaway sign-up! Good luck!

This post was sponsored by Jord Watches.

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