Guilty Pleasures

Brandon has been gone for the last few days, so Sawyer and I have spent the last few days just taking it easy, wearing our pajamas all day, and enjoying every girly TV show that I don’t normally get to watch 🙂 My newest guilty pleasure is Hart of Dixie. I know it’s cheesy, and annoyingly unrealistic, but that’s what guilty pleasures are all about, right? Watching something you know is ridiculous and yet you LOVE it. I love Hart of Dixie. Period the end. My new goal in life is to dress like Lemon Breeland. That’s what you have to look forward to haha, but for now, it’s just plain ole me.

My second guilty pleasure while Brandon’s been gone- comfy pants. And these ones happen to be comfy and cute. Win win.

Good Morning Loretta (7)Good Morning Loretta (3)Good Morning Loretta (6)Good Morning Loretta (4)

P.S.- Where did the summer go? Why is it cold again here??

Lace Cami-Buckle
Sweater- TJMaxx
Pants- TJMaxx
Necklace- Forever 21
Earrings- gift
Bracelet- old
Boots- Target

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