Lake Weekend

In the summer, we do our best to spend every open weekend we have at the lake. My parents have been boating on Lake Wedowee since I was about three or four. It’s like a second home for me. My brother Kyle and his family were in town for the week so we spent four beautiful days at the Lake.  There’s nothing better than relaxing in a muddy, southern lake in the summertime.DSC_5123DSC_5082coDSC_5319coDSC_5145coDSC_5157coDSC_5183coDSC_5263coDSC_5103

This picture of two of my nephews is one of my favorites. After I took it, the one on the right said, “when my Mom sees this picture, I know she’ll get me a dog because I look so good hugging one.” ha. That dog is our adopted lake dog. He shows up when we come out and hangs around until we go home. (don’t worry, he has a home just down the road from us where he is well fed and taken care of).

We also went to the Alabama Gold Camp. Look out for my post on how rich we got there later this week!

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