You’re My Favorite Soldier- Army Cards

Little Sloth CardsWriting in a Field (2)Army Husband CardGood Morning Loretta (1)Good Morning Loretta (3)

This summer, Brandon has been gone in and out of town with college classes in Istanbul and Budapest, and Army trainings all over the country. Staying in touch halfway around the world is hard enough and for his Army trainings, we are only allowed to communicate by snail mail. I can’t really complain about having an excuse to write letters to him all the time though, I love mail. The paper, the stamps, the envelopes, the smeared ink. It’s a lost art. Opening my mailbox and seeing a handwritten letter is like getting a present, I just love it.

On afternoons when it’s not too buggy or hot Sawyer and I lay out a blanket and he plays while I relax and write. A lot of times we just relax in the backyard, but this time before Brandon got home, we went to a field near our house where we saw the tiniest baby deer the other day. I was hoping we’d see it again and get a picture, but no luck. That little baby was precious.

Sawyer loves to play in the grass and watch the trees move while I catch up on my letters to Brandon. I got this card from Little Sloth Cards and absolutely love it. It’s hard to find military cards, especially ones I love, and I love this one. The little camo heart is my favorite part. Check out their shop, so many cute cards.Writing in a Field (3)

Do you still write letters? Where do you find your stationary? I’m all about the pretty paper. xoxo

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